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What’s Your HS-CRP?

Hi Friends,   Where do you stand as far as INFLAMMATION?  Sometimes inflammation is obvious.  If you have pain somewhere in your body, that means there

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Elegant Dinner and Dessert

Hi Friends,   There’s nothing like twirling your fork and enjoying the classic Italian flavors of spaghetti🍝.  But let’s face it…  most of us are trying to

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The Superstar Vitamin

Hi Friends, When it comes to preventative health, one of the most important vitamins is Vitamin D3!  I consider it the “Superstar Vitamin” because it plays a key role

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Motility Activator: Get Things Moving!

One of the worst feelings is BLOATING! 😱 It’s painful and uncomfortable and can even affect your energy, mood, and mental sharpness! If you feel bloated all the time (no matter what you eat), this may be due to Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

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