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Hi Friends,

A calorie is a calorie is a calorie, right? WRONG! Not all calories are created equal. If you’re counting calories, but can’t seem to lose weight, that’s because you’re choosing the wrong foods.

The concept that all calories are equal, and that you can simply count calories to lose weight is completely outdated. 200 calories from broccoli 🥦 will have a completely different impact on your metabolism compared to 200 calories from French fries🍟.

Most of my patients who are counting calories are left hungry and miserable😖. They’re not eating much, yet can’t seem to lose weight! Most of them inevitably fall off the wagon and end up overeating due to uncontrolled hunger.

A lot of foods that I recommend eating to lose weight are nutrient dense, and hence high in calories! For example, avocados🥑 and nuts are high in good fats, and hence high in calories. However, they can actually help you lose weight because they keep you full! When you eat these kinds of healthy fats, you avoid spiking your insulin level. Ultimately, insulin is what drives hunger and promotes fat storage in your cells! To learn more, please watch my video on Insulin Resistance.

When your meals are balanced with protein, good fat, and fiber, your appetite will naturally self-regulate and you won’t have to worry about calories!

Often my patients who are struggling with their weight, actually need to eat a lot more of something quite essential: VEGETABLES! 🥦 This is the best way to positively impact your gut microbiome and hormones, which impact your metabolism.

Check out my Healthy Treat of the Week above. It’s just sunflower butter topped with organic berries🫐! So simple, yet incredibly delicious! Sunflower butter is a great healthy fat and a rich source of vitamin E. It’s high in calories, but that’s not a problem! When I eat this treat, it keeps me full, nourishes my cells, and boosts my metabolism. Most importantly, it makes me happy! 😊

If you are interested in counting something, COUNT YOUR STEPS! 🏃🏽 Get up and walk around at every opportunity you have. Being sedentary is the new “smoking” of this century and it increases your risk of cardiovascular disease.

By choosing clean, unprocessed, whole foods, your hunger and appetite will naturally regulate. Combine that with some movement and exercise and you’ll definitely see positive changes in your weight and overall health!

Warm regards,

Rajsree Nambudripad, MD