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Our Philosophy

At OC Integrative Medicine, Dr. Rajsree Nambudripad’s aim is to get to know each of her patients as a unique and whole individual.  She combines her strong background in conventional internal medicine, gastroenterology, and endocrinology with a broader and holistic outlook.  Rather than treating symptoms, Dr. Nambudripad looks for root causes of disease and is able to reverse many common conditions using an Integrative/ Functional Medicine approach.  She recognizes that all parts of the body are interconnected (such as the gut, hormones, skin, brain) in a sophisticated symphony.  Many common symptoms are simply signs of imbalances in the body.   

After a thorough history, physical and lab tests, Dr. Rajsree formulates personalized treatment plans for each patient, often in phases, addressing hormonal health, nutritional health, gut health, brain and mood health.  She is a strong advocate for preventative medicine utilizing healthy lifestyle and dietary changes.  She believes in using “food as medicine.”  She considers natural solutions before judiciously prescribing pharmaceuticals when possible.  She is well versed in the latest breakthroughs in Integrative/ Functional medicine from the top leaders in the field.  It is an inspiring and evolving field and Dr. Rajsree loves learning new ideas every day, often from her patients as well!

Our patients are proactive and involved in their health.  Over the years in practice, Dr. Rajsree has seen incredible changes in patient’s appearance, symptoms, and lab values over the course of a few months to a years time.  She believes in giving her patients the knowledge and tools to transform their own health.