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"I am a 74 year old healthy female - take no medicine except for bioidentical hormones. I have had intestinal issues for the last 20 years. After having covid 2 years ago - it escalated. I knew I was in trouble big trouble. I had an ache in my right side that preceded a nausea that was debilitating. It occurred between 6-10 hours a day. I work out regularly but many times had to leave just too nauseous to stay. Gas and bloating made my life hell. It was really terrifying. The gas had a terrible odor. I tried cutting eating down to 2-3 tablespoons at a time - nothing helped. I suffered from chronic anxiety making me unbelievably miserable. I looked pregnant my weight was up and down. I had chronic diarrhea. Many times accompanied with blood. Every time I ate I had it within 2-3 minutes - morning noon and night. I saw your YouTube on SIBO and thought OMG I think this may help me - I studied the program reviewed the podcast 2-3 times and then ordered the supplements from you and began the journey I am still on today. But guess what? ALL my symptoms are GONE. There surely is a special place in heaven for you. I have listened to most if not all your YouTube and look forward to even more good health. Thank you giving me my life back. My joy in living has returned. Thank you"
Patsy Armstrong
Januray, 2024
"I have known Dr. Nambudripad for quite a long time now. She is one of the best doctors one can have. She is caring and takes her time to listen to her patients. She genuinely cares for your health. 100% recommend Dr. Nambudripad to anyone dealing with gut issues, especially!"
California Girl
July, 2023
"OC Integrative is the place to go if your looking for natural and organic solutions to your health."
May, 2023
"A friend of mine recommended Dr Nambudripad last year and I am so glad I made an appointment. I started watching her YouTube channel before my appointment and definitely realized she could help me. After my first set of labs she started me on some supplements and HRT. My labs have improved to normal levels and my hot flashes are improving. I have been able to loose 20lbs by changing some bad eating habits and intermittent fasting. Gut health can be complicated, and most Doctors have no idea how to deal with most of these issues or even recommend the correct supplements to take. Dr Nambudripad and her staff really care about their patients and will take the time to make you healthier and feeling good."
Regina Marchionni
May, 2023
"After dealing with IBS for years, and anxiety I was finally able to see improvement. I am now eating a variety of foods again, and anxiety free. I’m so thankful for the great care I’ve received at OC Integrative. I highly recommend working through health issues here, in a safe, natural, and effective way."
Jeanne Stewart
April, 2023
"I have had a great experience working with Dr. Rajsree on a variety of health issues. Her focus is optimizing for your best health, not just avoiding catastrophe. She spends time with her patients listening and offering practical, helpful counsel. Her office staff is great and always helpful."
Felisa Meier
March, 2023
"Dr rajsree absolutely outstanding caring fully knowledgeable took time she listens carefully and does all of necessary tests she explains things very in great details I’m very pleased with her I feel so fortunate and blessed to have her as My doctor. Her stuff very nice made me very comfortable Thank you!"
Tsegerda Tesfaye
Jan, 2023
"Dr. Rajsree is a great Doctor who truly cares about her patients. She has helped me so much in dealing with SIBO and the damage that it has caused to my digestive system. She has walked me through my treatments and always has suggestions to help get my digestion back on track. Dr. Rajsree is very knowledgeable and I appreciate that she doesn’t always go directly to treating everything with medications like many other Doctors do.She takes the time to discuss all of my concerns and never makes me feel rushed, I always leave with all my questions and concerns answered. Her staff is also very friendly and welcoming and Im very glad I found her."
Julie Suwanpruiksa
November, 2022
"Dr. Rajsree is a wealth of knowledge, and the best part about that is she’s willing to share her knowledge via her informational YouTube videos! She is determined to get to the root of the problem. The office staff are extremely friendly and helpful too! Each visit is informative and beneficial in getting me closer to solving my gut issues."
Lauren Murty
November, 2022
"Dr. Rajsree is very personal and supportive. I would also like to add that she is patient and doesn’t give up. I have had a lot of ups and downs with my health progress and she is always there to encourage me and celebrate when I am on the right track. We need more doctors like her that focus on the root cause and are not quick to prescribe medication."
Christy Seoane
November, 2022
"I'm so thankful to have found Dr. Rajsree Nambudripad. From my first visit on, she listened to me and was completely engaged in helping me improve my health. She truly practices intergrative health and goes beyond just the guidelines. She ran several tests and we discussed a plan that I could follow. It has worked incredibly well for me so far... beyond my expections. Thank you so much :)"
Emil Karapetian
September, 2022
"Great Doctor and a wonderful staff!"
Raymond Ybarra
September, 2022
"While researching my symptoms online, I came across Dr Rajsree's educational videos on YouTube about SIBO and thought, "I need to meet with this doctor!" After comprehensive tests and treatments and following her lifestyle modification recommendations, I saw dramatic improvements in my condition and continue to experience an increasingly overall sense of well-being. My family and I are so grateful for such a gifted and compassionate medical professional. I appreciate her posts on Facebook and Instagram with solutions, protocols, and recipes for boosting gut health. I cannot give high enough praise for Dr Rajsree. She is an absolute Godsend!"
Tony Montenegro
August, 2022
"I have been searching for an answer to my IBS for at least 3 years, went to 3 so called specialists and all I got was a prescription for Linzess which made me feel sick. I had lost all hope until my wife recommended Dr. Rajsree. After a 15 minute interview she knew exactly my problem. It is something called SIBO which we are now treating naturally. In the end she had given me hope again to be healthy. Thank God 🙏🏼"
Ted Molina
May, 2022
"I came to Dr. Nambudripad because I suspected I had SIBO for over a year. I had tried to self treat with various methods and approaches I found online and youtube. During one of my searches, I came across Dr. Nambudripad’s youtube channel and watch her video on SIBO. The video summarized all that I had been learning on my own and more. The catch for me was that she had formulated a treatment for SIBO that was resulting in positive results with her patients. The missing puzzle in my self healing approach is that I didn't have the method to fully combat the SIBO. Dr. Nambudripad lives in a neighboring state, and I was super excited when she agreed to see me despite the distance. We had an initial in person meeting and conducted the follow ups over the phone. Dr. Nambudripad provides a patient portal for her patients, which makes it very easy to communicate. This was very helpful with the long distance. At the start of the treatment, I had quite a few questions, and I was able to address my questions using the portal. Dr. Nambudripad was very prompt and helpful at responding to my questions. During our in person meeting, Dr. Nambudripad made great efforts to listen to my situation and get to know my current state. This was very important to me as I had not received this quality of treatment in the past with previous doctors. It was very comforting to know that she was able to understand my frustration and level of pain. Dr.Nambudripad explained all the necessary steps in detail and took time to also write down the information. For me this treatment took some trial and error at the beginning, and Dr. Nambudripad was there with me through the process to help me get the best results as possible. Dr. Nambudripad was pleasant, helpful, supportive and caring during the treatment period. I greatly appreciate the level of attention from her and from her staff as well, who helped me to order supplements and get them to me in a timely matter considering the distance. I recently completed the treatment and am very happy to report that my numbers decreased drastically. I have notice a decrease in symptoms like bloating and gas though the constipation is not 100% eliminated, I am seeing positive improvements in my gut motility. I know it will take time for my gut to heal completely, but this treatment was a very positive first step. I am very grateful to Dr. Nambudripad for taking the time to learn about SIBO and share her findings with the youtube community. I am much better equipped to manage my symptoms and feel hopeful that my gut will heal. I highly recommend her treatment for SIBO , her clinic and staff. Good luck! Angelica"
AnnGee Pradostern
April, 2022
"Dr. Nambudripad changed my life! After years of worsening symptoms and no answers, I turned to OC Intergrative medicine to put my on the path to healing. Aside from the tremendous success in my healing, I think the most important, life-changing thing I’ve taken from Dr. Nambudripad is the belief in my body and it’s ability to heal with diet and necessary supplements. I no longer feel like my body is “against me” and I owe this perspective to Dr. Nambudripad! 10/5 stars"
Audrey Bivens
January, 2022
"I am very happy with my treatment. I appreciate the doctor’s innovative and natural approach towards treating my IBS, which was long going and now remedied. She is very thoughtful and thorough."
Claire Moynihan
December, 2021
"Dr. Nambudripad is the best! I had the worst stomach problems for years and she was able to fix me in less than three months!!"
Caroline Martin
November, 2021
"Dr Nambudripad is incredible. I have an autoimmune disease, terrible stomach issues, 15 years of health education, American Association of Drugless Practitioners, UK Health Coaches Association, Health Coach Alliance, National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching certified, I have coached athletes to the Olympics, World Championships, and Professional National titles in cycling, I spent a LOT of time trying to understand health and I went through a lot of doctors that didn't make and impact in my wellness, health at all. I feel so lucky to have found you Rajsree. Thank you."
The Force Training
November, 2021
"I am thoroughly pleased with Dr. Nambudripad, she took her time during our visit, reviewed my records in advance and during our meeting, and provided me with very useful information, handouts, and advice. Her YouTube videos are terrific (check them out!) as is her vast knowledge and ability to explain technical things in a way that's easy to understand. I highly recommend her! Another added bonus is her Medical Assistant, Alex! Alex compliments this practice with her patience and helpfulness. To say I'm grateful for this practice is an understatement. Thank you OC integrative!!"
October, 2021
I have had a positive experience at O.C. Integrative Medicine because Dr. Rajsee Nambudripad has been so instrumental, informative, and inspirational in helping me improve my overall health and lab results.
Carlos Perez, Ph.D.
September , 2021
"Dr. Rajsree is a well versed, intelligent, and caring Dr! I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling to find a Dr who will really work hard for them to find out what’s going on!"
Emily Perea
September , 2021
"Dr. Rajsree is a wonderful doctor. I feel fortunate to have been referred to her over two years ago. She is attentive with her patients and takes her time to listen in order to come up with the best treatment plan. This is the first time I have ever felt like my doctor knows me as a patient, rather than just rushing through the appointment and giving me a perscription."
Lisa Moreno
September , 2021
"Dr. Nambudripad is the best. She takes her valuable time and answers all your questions…..even when you are not in her office. She uses the portal to communicate which is very convenient. Her staff is very sweet as well. I drive 30 + mins just to see her now. Thank you again!!!!"
Brogan cade
September , 2021
“I’ve been dealing with SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth) for over 5 years. My main systems were extreme nausea and stomach pain. It was very debilitating and made it very difficult to manage my daily life. With the support of Dr. Rajsree I’m finally SIBO free and feeling like I can have a life again. She was very helpful with recommending different options and always willing to listen to me on ideas on resolving my SIBO. I love the fact she uses a holistic view on resolving health issues. I’m very grateful for everything she had done for me and getting my life back. Dr. Rajsree is an awesome doctor and I highly recommend her to anyone that is having challenges with SIBO. ”
Samantha Bloom
May 29, 2021
I can’t say enough GOOD re: Dr Rajsree for so many reasons!..she extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind and really wants the best life for her patients. …even when at times I”M not the best patient with taking supplements and eating right, she is encouraging and knows her stuff! I am on many podcasts re: health and wellness and she is ahead of most of them with how she integrates food/supplements along with traditional medicine as needed..and that’s one of the best things about her..she is a doctor who looks at the whole person and I so appreciate that about her. She’s just awesome..make an appointment and go see her and her staff..super people!!!
Lisa Gillis
May 6, 2021
“Dr Rajsree is a very caring and knowledgeable practitioner in the field of integrative medicine. She assessed my digestive health clinically and through various tests. Her recommendations have resulted in significant improvements in the span of a few months. I found her approach to be wholistic and her therapies compatible with my preference for naturopathic solutions whenever possible. Highly recommended.”
Jacob Thomas
February 6, 2021
“Words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have towards Dr. Nambudripad. She has taken the time to understand my concerns and situation in order to effectively proceed with a plan that has exceeded my expectations! In a short period of time, her help and guidance has turned my health around in positive way. I finally feel I’m on the right track and I owe it all to Dr. Nambudripad!”
Lily Celaya
December 8, 2020
“What a refreshing and innovative approach to medicine! I am so happy with Dr. Nambudripad! She is kind and compassionate and truly wants to help you achieve optimal health. With her wisdom and expertise in traditional medicine as well as her wealth of knowledge and experience in functional medicine, she combines the two into one unique practice. I came to her earlier this year with a chronic skin condition that became more and more severe, affecting my sleep and ability to function during the day. It was so bad she prescribed antibiotics to give me some relief, but she did not stop there, as I have experienced with most doctors and dermatologists. She was on a quest to get to the root of the problem. It was not a quick or easy fix, but I followed her suggestions and began to feel better. My skin is finally clear, my cholesterol and blood sugar levels have improved, and as a bonus, I lost 25 lbs! Thank you, Dr. Raj!”
Carol M.
November 24, 2020
“I was finally able to find out the root cause of my health problem, thanks to Dr. Rajsee! I am being treated for my gut/immune system issues. Dr Rajsree is knowledgeable, genuinely wants to help, and is friendly! I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
November 18, 2020
“My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Rajsree for all our medical needs. She is very pleasant, thorough, and very knowledgeable, we both have made healthier choices thanks to Dr. Rajsree’s recommendations and information provided. Our hormonal imbalances are now in balance. The office staff is great!”
Tina and Russell
November 15, 2020
“Dr. Rajsree is an amazing doctor. I love her approach of healing naturally through food and supplements before turning to medications and quick fixes. I wish all doctors would take this approach! She is a great listener and patiently answers all my questions. I love how she keeps digging and working to get to the root of the problem. She also has so much information on her Facebook and YouTube page.”
Nyra Wadkins
November 14, 2020
“I always feel comfortable and confident with Dr. Rajsree’s care because she is genuinely trustworthy. OC Integrative Medicine is a highly reliable and dependable organization. Everyone on staff cares about my whole-life wellness and work together to integrate healthy well-being. I love Dr. Rajsree’s brilliant office. The location is beautiful and convenient with lots of free parking. Her welcoming clean environment is full of excellent resources from the minute you enter. I found a brochure for a water purification pitcher in her lobby and now I’ve been using it for several years! Plus all the healthy nutrients she stocks are high quality and effective. Dr. Rajsree’s gentle thoughtful manner is top notch. She really takes extra time to listen and really cares about my concerns and problems. She followed through with my treatments and I felt better just from her thorough investigation of my symptoms and analysis of my test results. Highly recommended.”
Julia Ringgold
November 14, 2020
“Dr. Rajsree is the best Dr. I have had the pleasure of seeing. She answers all your questions, is very thorough with all her testing, and takes her time with each patient. Her office provides supplements that can be picked up at the office or shipped to your house. She has several videos on her website that are extremely helpful. She has helped me with my anxiety that has allowed me to use a change in diet and supplements that have allowed me not to rely upon Ativan or Xanax.”
Scott Larsen
November 12, 2020
“I would highly recommend visiting OC Integrative Medicine for any of your medical concerns. Dr. Rajsree takes a holistic approach to finding the root of the issue instead of just quickly prescribing medication to treat symptoms. Instead she looks further and takes the time to listen and fully understand you as a patient. I have had a lot of success and recovery from working with her!”
Jaime Park
August 19, 2020
“I had been seeing Dr. Rajsree Nambudripad for 9 months now. She is a nice and caring doctor. Dr. Nambudripad spends her time to analyze a patient symptoms and look for the root cause of the disease. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking a doctor in internal medicine combined with functional medicine.”
Patria Torres
September 5, 2020
“When I first met Dr. Rajsree, I was cautiously optimistic about her approach to medicine. I was curious about why I had gained so much weight the last several years, experienced tiredness and fatigue. Going into to this appointment, I thought maybe this IS what 50 is supposed to feel like. At my initial appointment, Doctor asked me some questions and I told her about my recent physical changes. I had put on 30 pounds the last three years and 52 pounds since 2011. She suggested running a blood lab to determine the results of my bloodwork. That was in May 2020. June 1st we had an appointment to review the results together. We discovered together what the blood results had to say about my health. After a thorough discussion about the course of action, she prescribed supplements, exercise and a basic change in diet. The truth is that I took her seriously, my health seriously and my family’s well being seriously. I took her supplements faithfully for 90 days, I began walking 2 – 3 times weekly at the 75-day mark. I also cut out of my diet: cookies, candy bars, donuts, bread, ice cream, sweetend cereal, soda and coffee. I stuck to my 3 egg omelett – every morning daily, fruits, vegetables, nuts, throughout the day and a balanced dinner in the evening. I did have a handful of cheat meals. (Nobody’s perfect) I met with Doctor on September 3, 2020. I had good news to report and so did she. On my initial weigh-in I was at 240 lbs. On my second weigh-in I was at 214 lbs. I had dropped 26 lbs in 90 days. My updated blood lab had good news too. My Triglycerides dropped from 348 to 158. A HUGE drop which is very positive. My HDL increased from 37 to 39 – a positive increase. Cholesterol Serum dropped from 216 to 207 – a drop that is very positive. I am half way to my goal. I will be back in December to update my blood panel and weigh-in. At the half-way point to my goal, I feel amazing and looking forward to many activities that I had stopped doing for a spell like running, playing basketball with the kids, weight lifting and heavier exercise. My wife likes that changes too! 🙂 I highly recommend Dr. Rajsree Nambudripad for health and wellness. I truly appreciate her support and you will, too.”
Peter Campallone
September 10, 2020
“If you are ready to see health improvements then you need to see Dr. Nambudripad. She is compassionate, caring, knowledgable and extremely thorough. Glad to know she’s in my team of healthcare professionals. Thank you, Dr. Nambudripad for taking care of me!”
Gaby S.
June 19, 2020
“Dr. Rajsree is very caring and straightforward. She has a great bedside manner that makes one feel comfortable.”
Karri L.
June 12, 2020
“Straightforward and kind. She didn’t do any unnecessary supplements/testing. She DID do everything that was needed in order to diagnose the problem, cure it, adjust protocol when needed throughout the healing process, and help me adjust back to being symptom free.“
May 30, 2020
“Dr. Rajsree Nambudripad is simply the best! A kind, caring and compassionate practitioner with an expert and creative approach to diagnosing and treating conditions. Dr. Nambudripad addressed health issues that no other physician could resolve. My health and life have improved, thank you!“
May 30, 2020
“Dr. Rajsree is an absolutely kind and caring doctor who has been responsive and conscientious with my health issues. I love her ability to listen and quickly recommend a solution.“
Sue Haendiges
February 10, 2020
“Dr. Nambudripad has been by far the most helpful and genuine doctor I have come across! I came to her with symptoms that my previous doctor could not figure out. She performed extensive tests and took a deeper dive into my overall health helping me not only identify what was wrong, but also the root of the problem. She is very diligent with her work and relationships with her patients. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their health!”
Bailey Warrick
January 15, 2020
“I have been going to Dr. Nambudripad for about six months now and have already seen dramatic changes in my health. My issues with digestion, anxiety, and feeling dizzy/light-headed all the time have been a huge obstacle in my life, and something I believed would be my new normal. In the past, my doctors have always told me that I am healthy and I just have anxiety/stress, and they never investigate my symptoms further. Dr. Nambudripad is different. She listens intently with the goal of investigating the root of the problem and tries to find solutions through extensive testing. She tested me for bacteria levels in the gut, hormonal imbalances, and uses data from blood tests, etc… to find solutions. She uses multiple data points to create a personalized plan and uses a mixture of diet and supplements, and if necessary, medication. She is never trying to hurry you out for her next appointment, and she is very prompt at responding to messages/concerns. I’m still on the road of healing and feeling healthier, but the way I feel now compared to just this past summer is dramatically different. I can go about my day and live my life without feeling like I will faint or interrupted by severe stomach issues. Since I have been seeing Dr. Nambudripad, I feel better on all levels. Even my immune system feels much stronger. I have recommended Dr. Nambudripad to my family members. I trust her wholeheartedly and believe she is a true expert in helping people live healthier lives..”
Deborah Park
December 15, 2019
“I LOVE working with Dr. Rajsree! I feel like I have found an angel, and a model doctor. I suffer from an autoimmune disease, and she really helped me figure out the best supplements, diet and sleep hacks to live without medication. She listens, follows up every three months, and sincerely wants to get to the root cause of my problems. And something I really appreciate is, that she is up to date on all the current research of functional medicine, and even has an extensive book recommendation list for her patients to get further empowered. Everyone should work with her!“
Amber Fox
December 5, 2019
“Dr. Nambudripad is the best medical doctor that I have seen in the past twenty years. She is truly dedicated to a helpful, kind, whole-person approach to medicine. I have been to several specialists and general practitioners over the years who are always rushing me out of the room, trying to throw a prescription at me or dismissing my concerns. Not Dr. Nambudripad. She is the first doctor I have seen in well over a decade who takes her time, sits down to review everything with me (and I mean everything), and treats me like a whole human being whose medical issues are valid and worth understanding and treating. I feel incredibly grateful to have Dr Nambudripad as my physician. And I’m grateful to my friend referred me to her.“
Jennifer Wijkner
November 10, 2019
“I have been going to Dr. Rajsree for a couple of years now and appreciate the care I have received. I have not experienced this level of care anywhere else. She explains things in an understandable way and follows up with you with regards to protocols given, diagnostic follow-up tests, etc. She ALWAYS answers my questions right away through the patient portal and that means so much to me. She is passionate about helping her patients and posts great information, food ideas on her facebook page “OC Integrative Medicine.” She’s just wonderful.“
Denise Rose
December 1, 2019
“Dr. Rajsree is genuinely caring, meticulous and thorough in her assessments. She seems to be abreast of the latest treatment options, tests and research studies. I have been a patient of Dr Rajsree for two years. I came to her with excessive lethargy, insomnia and anxiety. I am truly amazed with how effective her treatments have been and the level of care and attention she gives. I had a comprehensive bloodwork analysis done and was prescribed vitamins along with lifestyle changes which has significantly improved my mood and health. I follow up periodically to make sure everything is in order. I highly recommend Dr Rajsree!“
Navid Ahmadiyeh
November 2, 2019
“Dr. Rajsree is an amazing and caring doctor! Been our family doctor for the past 5 years. Won’t go to anyone else even though I have to drive from San Diego to Fullerton to see her. Excellent doctor who really spends time with you and talks about what’s bothering you. She actually cares and he knows how to help – A real doctor. Considering the current state of medical care she is real treasure. She always tries to find herbal and natural alternatives instead of prescription medications. If you are looking for a doctor who is knowledgeable and listens to patients to figure out the root cause of your health issues….I highly recommend Dr.Rajsree.”
Martin Kurian
September 14, 2019
“So fortunate to have found Dr Rajsree… I have unusual issues and have seen many specialists over many years. Dr Rajsree’s unique and thorough approach gives me hope that someday I will feel more normal again. She really spends the time and uses all resources to get to know all about you, to best address your health care needs. She is extensively educated in both traditional and holistic approaches to health and well being. Her preferred use of Vitamins, Supplements and Diet was just what I was looking for. A doctor that you can easily tell truly wants to provide the best possible individualized care to her patients.“
Patty H
November 15, 2019
“I have been a patient of Dr Rajsree since 2014. She had been instrumental in helping me overcome my ailments. My energy was so low I drank coffee and energy drinks to get through the days. She did my bloodwork and figured out what was wrong. As a PCP doctor I couldn’t be more happy with the hormonal balancing supplements she prescribed me along with the immune support vitamins she figured I needed. None of the doctors I’ve been to ever thought about that. I knew nutrition was important but didn’t think what she gave me would be as helpful. Later I quickly understood. I realize her Integrative approach to internal medicine is akin to getting my car serviced and how much better it runs afterwards with new oil and fluids. Her treatment balanced my gut issues. I felt like I had a detox afterwards and my energy level was much better as my “engine” in essence was functioning much better with the new biological balance I received. Apparently it eliminated environmental toxins from my body. I am forever grateful to Dr Rajsree for her Integrative mindset and all the help with fixing the gut and with going the extra mile with nutrition.”
Keith Christian
August 30, 2019
“She is amazing, bright, professional, caring and extremely personable as well as her staff. I highly recommend her if you want real answers and solutions for your health needs
San Bauer
August 15, 2019
“Dr. Rajsree is such a wonderful doctor. I’ve been to so many Western doctors that just see me quickly, prescribe some sort of medication and I’m shuffled out the door. Dr. Rajsree took the time to sit down with me and go over my concerns and my tests. Her practice is holistic which takes care of the mind body and spirit, the whole system that runs together. She gave lifestyle recommendations along with supplements that would help me. I also love that she shares her tips and recipes for foods that help me feel better and more energized. I’ve never experienced a doctor that is so caring. She feels more like a warm, caring friend.”
Melissa Christian
August 30, 2019
“Dr. Rajsree has been an extremely insightful doctor like no other, no exaggeration. She genuinely cares about your health concerns and really takes the time to find the underlying cause of whatever is affecting you. I am a privileged patient and extremely grateful for the transformative improvements I’ve attained following her guidance.“
Tahiry Pena
July 15, 2019
“Dr. Rajsree is an exceptional doctor! She takes her time and cares for her patients. She looks for the root cause of your symptoms and gives tangible, healing solutions to your health! She has helped me tremendously in my health journey! I highly recommend Dr. Rajsree and her staff.“
Jennifer Kocsis
Jun 30, 2019
“I have been Dr. Rajsree’s patient for a little over an year, and I love her! She is always patient, understanding, and open-minded. She taught me how to eat and take vitamins, so my diabetes is under control now (while my previous doctor said that I had to take insulin shots). Instead of prescribing me more medicines, she is also willing to try different routes to make me more healthy. She is a truly holistic doctor!“
Tina Chen
Jun 30, 2019
Dr. Rajsree is a fantastic physician who truly cares for the overall wellbeing of her patients. Dr Rajsree does an exceptional job in individualizing her patient needs. Super happy she is my physician!
Christine Delabar
July 20, 2019
“Dr. Nambudripad is an excellent doctor! I am so grateful that she helped my 16 year old daughter. My daughter was suffering from severe abdominal pain for 3 months. Her Pediatric Gastro Dr. couldn’t find the problem even after running many extensive tests. After 1 visit Dr. “N” was able to help my daughter. Dr. “N”was very knowledgeable & explained my daughter’s condition. It was called SIBO. Dr. “N” helped create an action plan to get my daughter back to school and feeling better. I love her!”
Downey, CA, January 17, 2019
“Do you want a smart, caring, problem solving doctor who will listen to your concerns and work on a solution, one who will answer an email and call you back when you have a question then become a patient of Dr. Nambudripad. I’ve been a patient for a couple of years and have been surprised that she takes the time to answer questions. It’s not easy to find a doctor that will give you that level of respect and care. I’m glad I found her. Thank you Nambudripad!”
Seal Beach, CA, December 9, 2018
“Dr. Rajsree is a wonderful doctor! She is so kind and really listens to you. She spends time with you and she cares about getting to the root cause of your problems and finding solutions to help you through dietary changes or supplementation. Dr. Rajsree is very knowledgable and I feel lucky to have found her! She is helping me with my diabetes, gut inflammation and numerous other related issues. I would definitely recommend her.”
Nanci Wright
Brea, CA, October 4, 2018
“I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Rajsree. She has helped me when no other doctors could. She truly cares. She discovered that I’d developed a sensitivity to oxalates due to a harmful gut problem, and she found this to be connected to my Candida issues. In addition, she figured out that the gut problem had caused a severe hormonal imbalance. Before Dr. Rajsree, all of this was an unexplained illness that was breaking me apart, and she is helping me to put the pieces back together.”
Anaheim, CA, May 10, 2018
“I have been privileged to be a patient of Dr. Nambrudipad for at least 5 years. She is so kind and loving in her approach, and is so well versed in her areas of expertise. I would be happy to recommend her!”
Los Osos, CA, April 11, 2018
“I value Dr. Namburdripad’s intelligent, energetic & compassionate approach to patient care. Her recommendations & guidance are based on scientific, sound judegement balanced by an attentive ear to my feedback as her patient. I am completely grateful for the undeniable improvements that I have gained following Dr. Namburdripad’s protocols & look forward continued progress!”
Santa Ana, CA, April 9, 2018
“WOMEN if you are struggling to find Hormonal Balance, you need to consult with Dr. Nambudripad, fondly known as Dr. Rajsree by her patients. We are all unique individuals and need to be approached by our various Hormonal issues as such. Dr. Rajsree has exceptional knowledge in Bio Identical Hormones which will bring back BALANCE to your body and restore what you so crave, to feel like a woman again. Women are complex, STOP your search, your hormonal irritations are real and can be resolved.”
Sharon Hochgesang
Fullerton, CA, April 9, 2018
“My family Loves Dr. Nambudripad. We all have an assigned MD, assigned to us by our insurance carrier. But, my husband and I don’t mind paying out of pocket to get great results from a Dr. who cares! Dr. Nambudripad really listens and cares. She has helped answer questions that other Dr’s didn’t want to take the time to answer. She is very throughl with her examinations and stops to listen. Thank you for caring for your patients. We truly are blessed to have found a wonderful Dr. like her.”
Alma Meyers
Long Beach, CA, April 8, 2018
“My experience with Dr. Rajsree has been amazing…….I came to her practice in very difficult standing with my health……I’m so thankful for Dr. Rajsree and Dr. Roy…….my issues have been focused on the area of menopause/and allergy…….I had been experiencing/severe breathing issues……..many of my issues are being resolved……Dr. Rajsree I would recommend to anyone seeking natural solutions…….I hold her in the highest reguards…..her kindness has been immeasurable.”
Cari Arnal
Bishop, CA, April 4, 2018
“Dr. Rajsree is a very special doctor. Combining her medical degree with holistic medicine is a great combination. She is compassionate, understanding and a great listener. I have read books she has suggested and increased my own knowledge about how my body works. She explains everything and follows up to see how you are feeling. I feel better and I am not taking any prescription medications.”
Yorba Linda
January 21, 2018
“I am 33 years old and after some horrible dental work was prescribed anti depressants and anxiety medication. Never had I suffered from depression or anxiety. I did not like the way the medication made me feel and therefore went to OC Integrative Medicine. Dr. Nambudripad through blood work discovered I had several allergies in addition to low hormone levels. I followed her recomendations, and was able to taper off both the anxiety and anti-depression medication.”
December 28, 2017
“Dr. Nambudripad and her staff are very knowledgeable and SO kind. I’ve struggled with psoriasis for years, and in our first session Dr. Nambudripad was able to provide me with more knowledge and more tools than any other doctor I have visited for my skin previously. She recommended certain vitamins based off my lab results & within a month I had started to see my skin clear. I definitely recommend Dr. N to all my friends and family.”
Dani in Corona, CA
December 15, 2017
“Dr. Rajsree did a great job helping me improve my Hashimoto’s disease with diet and natural supplements. After 3 months on her suggested program, my energy improved and I easily lost 10 pounds. She is very caring and actively listens to my concerns and is always willing to try new things to help. She also usually spends about 45 minutes with me and I never feel rushed.”
November 19, 2017
“I highly recommend Dr. Rajsree. She is very caring, explains what is going on and what she is trying to do to make you better in a way that is completely accessible. The office is run by Jennifer who is also very helpful and responsive. I could not be more pleased. This doctor is amazing! I can’t say enough good things about this practice.”
Los Angeles
November 7, 2017
“My experience so far has been great. Dr. Rajsree is a a very patient and kind doctor who is looking out for the patients best interest (hard to come by now a days). Since seeing Dr. Rajsree I have seen a great improvement in my over all well- being. One does have to make life style changes but they are for one’s benefit.”
Adrianna Tinoco in Concord, NC
September 16, 2017
“Dr. Rajsree is very caring and always listens and answer my questions thoroughly. She is the first physician to give me a pap smear that was gentle and practically pain free. I guess the OB-GYN’s have been doing it all wrong. My hormone levels are now in balance with no hot flashes or dryness. I highly recommend and trust Dr. Rajsree with my woman health care and overall physical well being.”
La Mirada
CA, Aug 30, 2017
“Dr. Rajsree is very compassionate, caring, patient, and really cares about helping you become the best you. She reviews the documentation about your health issues prior to your visit and is prepared to listen to you. She never rushes you during your appointment. Dr. Rajsree is great with teens and young adults and knows how to communicate with them to help empower them to take charge of their own health. She is very knowledgeable, especially with autoimmune issues. Office staff is very friendly!”
in Anaheim, CA, Aug 28, 2017
“I had been looking for medical advise other than a prescription to add to my pile of already prescribed drugs and a friend recommended Dr. Rajsree. Dr. Rajsree reviewed my medications and diet, then ran tests that determined deficiency in vitamins and minerals. Over the past months I’ve been able to reduce my medications and I feel much better. The change in diet and B Complex shots have helped my overall health and I’ve even lost a few pounds. And I sleep better, too!
in Fullerton, CA, June 2, 2017
“Dr. Rajsree has a warm personality and is easy to talk to. She is attentive, thoughtful, and her medical knowledge is extensive and up-to-date. She is able to use all of that to create a tailor-made plan of action to fit my needs. She takes time before the visit to familiarize herself with my chart and does a great job following up with things we had discussed on previous visits. Overall, she really cares. She takes her time and never makes me feel rushed. I highly recommend her.”
in Moreno Valley, CA, March 29, 2017
“The Nambudripad family has changed our lives. My son had febrile seizures and I have had major anxiety ever since we had experienced the traumatic episodes. Dr. Rajsree and Dr. Roy were incredibly acommodating and showed genuine care. I was touched by their words of encouragement, was treated with care, given hope again and have noticed a positive healthy difference with my son! They truly care about his healing. No more seizures. I am optimistic for our family’s future. Thank you both so much!”
Martinez family
in San Diego, CA, December 13, 2016
“Dr. Rajsree Nambudripad is one of the nicest doctors I have ever met. Her “bedside manner” is second to none. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring, dedicated and thorough. What is extraordinary is that she and her husband, Dr. Roy, treat and cure, or at least mitigate, many medical conditions and allergies that are normally considered incurable. I have spoken to many patients in the past who had traveled great distances to see her, because their previous doctors were unable to help them.”
Louis D.
in Huntington Beach, CA, August 25, 2016
“I really enjoyed seeing Dr. Rajsree. I appreciated that she spent so much time with me and that she looked at me as a whole person. She was very professional and kindhearted and truly cared. She helped me to find more natural solutions for my health issues. I definitely recommend seeing Dr. Rajsree!”
in Portland, OR, April 5, 2016
“I went to Dr. Nambudripad for hormone therapy and ended up changing my whole life style for the better. Dr. Nambudripad doesn’t just look at hormones, she looks at you as a person. She is very compassionate, detailed and knowledgeable. I felt confident being in her very capable hands. And, I haven’t slept better! Off my sleeping aids, not an easy task in menopause. She helped me change my lifestyle not just prescribing hormones. Thank you Dr Nambudripad for your excellent care!”
Jean C.
in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, May 10, 2017
"Beyond thankful to have Dr. Nambudripad as my doctor. When first i came to her I was feeling defeated and she listened to me. Not only with empathy and concern but a drive to get to the bottom of my health issues. 4 month on treatment with Dr. Raj, and I have truly never felt better. As cliche as it sounds, i feel like i'm getting to enjoy day to day life again. At this point my whole family comes to her!! If you're serious about your health or have some issues and cant seem to find a solution, with all sincerity i highly recommend coming to OC integrative."
Tatianna Maniaci
November, 2023
"I have been blessed to have Dr. Rajsree Nambudripad accept and treat me as her patient. I have seen several conventional and naturopathic doctors and wasted thousands of dollars on doctors that provided nothing but false hope. It is very difficult trying to find a doctor that cares and understands the treatments that Dr. Rajsree provides through Integrative Medicine. She is brilliant and truly the doctor of the future that has developed a blend of conventional medical testing and natural healing treatments. Everytime I see Dr. Rajsree she is always so patient, understanding and organized with detailed printed treatment plans. Her easy-to-understand instructional videos are outstanding and very professionally done. She covers everything I thought to ask and more! My only reluctance was her private label supplements, but I put it to the test. I have been having outstanding results from Dr. Rajsree supplements on her treatment plan, but I decided to buy one on Amazon. What a mistake! I had a terrible reaction and I now trust and depend on Dr. Rajsree's natural supplements. I cannot go without saying that Dr. Rajsree and her staff are wonderful! Thank you"
Scott Nicholas
October, 2023
"Dr. Rajsree Nambudripad is wonderful. She has help me improve my health. My inflammation is down and I feel my health is improving. I highly recommend Dr Nambudripad!"
Patricia Lozano
May, 2023
"Dr. Nambudripad has been my doctor for a while now. Her attention to detail with her knowledge to medicine is just incredible. Her approach to whole health is quite different from what I have experienced from other doctors, and this is how I have been hoping to take care of my body and mind. She takes time and pays attention to what I say and I don’t feel being rushed to finish my appointment. I appreciate her passion and beliefs to what she does and am looking forward to seeing her many more years."
May, 2023
"Dr Rambudripad is a knowledgeable, caring and detailed physician. She was able to diagnose and help correct a severe iron deficiency that I’ve had. I am now working on changing my eating habits to a non-inflammatory diet. I’ve already noticed great improvements regarding my sore back and joint stiffness."
Dawna Potter
May, 2023
"After seeing two other doctors, Dr. Rajsree was the one to finally help me get my symptoms under control. Too often, doctors don't care about symptoms if they are not life threatening, even when they create many limitations on what a person can do. Dr. Rajsree has taken the time to keep up with all modern treatments and knows what to do for these kinds of cases, when other doctors are content to let their patients just live with the symptoms. For a long time I was unable to travel or enjoy many of the things I most like to do. Thanks to the integrative medicine approach, I have my life back and can do all of those things. Dr. Rajsree is kind and caring, a great listener, and truly cares about her patients. Five stars are not enough."
Rod Flohr
April, 2023
"Way more detailed than you get from most doctors. Actually feel like she's trying to improve my life and fix the problem not just medicated."
Mark Landre
March, 2023
"Both my husband and I have been treated as if we were the only appt of the day. Dr. Rajsree covers all aspects of health care with you. We were searching for a functional med doctor that could provide a health plan that did not include a bunch of medications. After initially ordering a baseline of tests, she provided us with a program that covers nutrition and supplements to start improving our overall health. Thankfully it was just in time. We both ended up battling a number of serious illnesses all in the same year. She has not only supported us by providing details and guidance about new medications or treatments we were given, but she also personally called and sent emails checking in on our recovery. In addition, she produces a number of very informative YouTube videos on aspects of health issues in a very understandable manner. It's not often someone comes along that goes above and beyond their calling. Many thanks to Dr Rajsree, Alex and Alexis for taking care of us!!"
Chris & Randy
December, 2022
"Dr rajsree absolutely outstanding caring fully knowledgeable took time she listens carefully and does all of necessary tests she explains things very in great details I’m very pleased with her I feel so fortunate and blessed to have her as My doctor. Her stuff very nice made me very comfortable Thank you!"
Tsegerda Tesfaye
November, 2022
"I came to Dr. Rajsree on the recommendation of one of my friends. I had always wondered about my gut health and she helped me solved this mystery. We talked about SIBO and the possibility that it was the cause for my symptoms. Her guidance and information was enlightening and I'm thrilled that we've resolved my discomfort! She and her staff were incredibly accommodating and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her servcies."
Michelle Ford
November, 2022
"I've been a patient of Dr. Nambudripad's for nearly a year and am very pleased with the help and knowledge she has provided for me and my daughter. I highly recommend her expertise regarding hormone issues; she is very easy to talk to and a wealth of information for all health-related questions!"
Susie King
November, 2022
"I been seeing Dr. Rajsree for more than a year or 2 and she is one of the best in OC are, if you are looking for a holistic doctor I recommend making an appointment here, my health is improving little by little, because I was all broken, she always has the answers to all my questions."
Sandra Martinez
October, 2022
"Our family has a strong history of autoimmune medical issues which has led us on a journey to discover its root cause. We are so blessed to have found Dr. Nambudripad who is capable of treating us and our teenage children. It’s almost been a year now and we all have made significant progress in healing. Thank you Dr. Nambudripad for your excellent care!"
Kim Torrey
September, 2022
"Dr. Nambudripad is awesome! I've been struggling with heartburn and was on Protonix for 2 yrs. Couldn't get off it. With her help I'm off the Protonix and heartburn free! And my digestive health has improved"
Jessica Torres
September, 2022
"Amazing Dr! Dr. Rajsree treats issues in a holistic way, takes the time to discuss details with you and explains her rationale on what and why a particular treatment is needed! She has helped resolve some of my years' long ailments over a short period of time!"
Ashim Mehta
September, 2022
"Dr. Rajseree is a wonderful doctor who is pleasant & kind. She is an extremely thorough. She always takes a lot of time with me going over my lab results, explaining in great detail as I ask many questions. I feel so comfortable with her and never feel rushed. I’m in better health because of Dr. Rajseree."
Christy Ehlig
August, 2022
"Lovely human and wonderful Dr."
Bonnie Coyle
August, 2022
"After spending a year and a half in testing at my former doctor, with no answers, I am so thrilled to be a patient of Dr. Raj. I finally have answers to my gut issues and I’m on the road to recovery. She and her staff deserve highest commendations."
Marsha Grim
July, 2022
"I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Rajsree Nambudripad and her team. I have been undiagnosed with an auto-immune and hormonal disorder for over 10 years and it has been a very frustrating journey. While many conventional practitioners minimized my pain as "normal," I finally feel like I am getting the care I need. Dr. Nambudripad orders comprehensive labs and digs deep to find the root cause of my symptoms and also suggests supplements and practical lifestyle changes. My levels are back to normal and I am feeling healthier than ever. I am so appreciative of the tools and knowledge she shares with me to help me achieve my optimal health."
Aileen Pak
May, 2022
"I am truly grateful to have found Dr Rajsree. She was referred to me by my own PCP after not being able to find answers for my “mystery” symptoms and medical issues the traditional way. Her experience as an Internist and her expertise as a Functional medical doctor make her Integrative medicine approach an ideal way to uncover, manage and even resolve underlying symptoms and health conditions. She leads by example (Food is medicine!) for how to live a healthy lifestyle and also has a YouTube channel to help explain all sorts of medical topics. She is quick to respond to questions, has her own line of supplements and a very friendly and responsive staff. You can also find her on Facebook posting her favorite foods and giving out yummy recipes."
Cathy Wiese
April, 2022
"Enjoyed the opportunity to consult with Dr. Rajsree Nambudripad. She has been helpful in knowing some great tools that have tremendously helped in relieving pain and discomfort. Thank you!"
Kate Johnpeer
April, 2022
"I cannot say enough good things about Doctor Nambudripad and her staff! After countless visits with other specialists with several failed treatment attempts, Dr. Nambudripad finally helped me get on my healing journey. She takes the time to listen to all of your concerns and not once did I ever feel like I was not heard. She is very in depth and gets all background information needed in order to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan. If I did not have her as my doctor, I probably would still be miserable. Visit Dr. Nambudripad if you can!!!"
Alexxis Nankervis
April, 2022
"Dr Rajsree is the best!! She is the best doctor I've ever had. She listens to your concerns, takes her time explaining, she's caring. The best thing about her is that she works on keeping you healthy instead of (like the majority of doctors) prescribing pills that just mask illnesses. She is proactive when it comes to health. The office personnel are all kind and very helpful. You never have to wait more than 5 minutes to see the doctor. The office is clean. Everything about OC Integrative is five stars!!"
Ledys Jimenez
January, 2022
"I started seeing this doctor In July 2021 in the effort of improving my overall health. I have a pretty healthy life style, but have problem with conceiving. The doctor investigated the hormone levels and found my estrogen level was very high, and she recommended a broccoli bill to lower my estrogen. After taking the broccoli bill for just a month, I got pregnant right away. I understand that she is not an infertility doctor, but i do believe the overall body health play a key part. Sometime the solution to a health problem can be simpler than we think. I highly recommend this doctor!"
M. D.
December, 2021
"After years of intestinal distress that was keeping me home, no Doctors could fix it. Dr Rajsree knew exactly what to do and for the first time in years I feel normal! And losing 15 pounds was just a bonus!"
Julie Barnett
December, 2021
"Dr Raj is amazing. I’ve been seeing her for several years. Dr R managers my hormones along w diet - Dr Raj looks at the whole picture and has really helped me look at my diet and weight fluctuations. I even get my vitamin d shots from her office. I’ve really started over and feel so much better. I highly recommend their office"
Diane Viadero
November, 2021
"Dr. Rajsree Nambudripad is a kind and patient doctor. She takes the time to listen to you and really hear your concerns. She has been so helpful to me in balancing out my hormones and also recommending supplements to better improve the quality of my life. That Motility Pro is a game changer!! Just saying!! I felt really comfortable trying it after she told me she uses it. It is quite interesting to discuss our bowel movements. ha! This is life and the realities that we are faced with, so we should never be scared or nervous to share with each other what are our obstacles and what works. Everyone has a different story, and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for all. I like that she gets that and is patient with me in my journey for better health and a good night of sleep! Us women need to talk about hormones with each other. What a difference balancing out can make on the quality of your life. I was not sleeping, anxious, having hot flashes and heart palipitations, and was overall just kind of depressed. Don't ignore these symptoms, but find a doctor that will work with you. Dr. Rajsree is that for me. Thank you for all your videos and recipes that are easily accessible for anyone. I appreciate you, Dr. Rajsree!"
Kathy Hoogeveen
October, 2021
I have appreciated Dr Rajsree's care these past few years with several health concerns! Her integrative approach to nutritionally managing several conditions has been a fruitful partnership in "taking care!" I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a superb physician!
Abby Stephens
September , 2021
"Doctor Rajsree has been very successful in helping me maintain and keep my A1C levels and my hole body well balanced. Highly recommended 👌 👍 👏 💯 🙌 😊"
Juan Lopez
September , 2021
"Love my doctor!! She is always so attentive and takes her time going over your concerns and or lab works step by step. Ladies in the office are amazing and very accommodating to your needs. I’ve recommended a couple of friends and they are very happy."
Miriam futch
September , 2021
"Dr. Nambudripad is wonderful! She uses a wide variety of conventional and holistic treatment options, and is the only doctor who has been able to help me treat my Hashimotos. She is kind and knowledgeable and I’m so grateful I found her practice."
Jacqueline Blankenship
September , 2021
"This doctor knows all and has helped me more than all the doctors I've had combined. Friendly and determined to help each client, I feel better having her as my doctor and someone I can share about my issues with. I know I'm never wasting my time with her."
Cassidy Keith
September , 2021
"Dr. Nambudripad is amazing. Not only does she truly care about her patients but she is so knowledgeable about gut health. It’s hard to find a doctor that will truly understands new diagnoses like SIBO. I highly recommend her!"
Holly Larsen
July , 2021
“My health has been transformed in the last 9 months. I am eternally grateful for Dr Rajsree and her ability to help manage my thyroid and hormones!”
Amanda Swaim
May 20, 2021
“I searched for a long time before I found Dr. Nambrudripad who is the epitome of what I want for my primary care physician. She practices Integrative functional medicine, is holistic oriented, and she treats me as a whole person and looks for root causes and does not simply treat symptoms. I am vegan and so appreciative that I was able to find a doctor who knows that food is medicine. Dr. Namburdripad has a great staff and she and OC Integrative Medicine is very accessible.”
Tom Yei
February 24, 2021
“I saw Dr. Rajsree for the first time in September of 2020 after months of feeling fatigued, having my hair fall out, and my skin breaking out all around my chin and neck. I had no idea why these things were happening until I started seeing Dr. Rajsree. After an initial diagnostic blood test, I was put on a vitamin regimen to address my low vitamin D, low iron, and high inflammation. I took an allergy test to determine what foods I should and shouldn’t be eating. Fast forward to December 2020 and my hair looks healthy and shiny again, my skin is glowing, and my overall energy levels are great. My vitamin D level shot up from 14 L to 70 L, my inflammation marker moved back to normal, and my iron is inching up. While the costs of bloodwork, appointments, allergy tests, and vitamins do add up, nothing beats feeling healthy and happy and having a knowledgeable doctor to address your concerns so thoroughly from internal vitamin deficiencies to diet and even skincare products. I’m very impressed and happy to recommend Dr. Rajsree and her friendly staff to anyone, especially those experiencing seemingly random and inexplicable symptoms.”
Rhea Padalkar
December 17, 2020
“Dr. Nambudripad is what I’ve been looking for in a doctor. Educated in traditional Western medicine as an Internal Medicine M.D, she has also enhanced her care by pursuing additional training in functional medicine. She has successfully recommended alternatives to pharmaceuticals with supplements and the results have been impressive! My labs reflect her expertise as my numbers are going in the right direction! I’ve reduced pounds as well. Additionally, it is such a breath of fresh air to have a doctor recognize me and know my name. I highly recommend Dr. Nambudripad!”
Jeanne Back
November 17, 2020
“Dr. Rajsree is an incredibly caring, attentive, and knowledgeable doctor. I know that no matter what health issue or concern I have, she will always listen and do the best to help me as soon as possible. I highly appreciate her expertise, trustworthiness, and genuine care for her patients.”
Julia O.
November 16, 2020
“I am so thankful to have found Dr. Rajsree Nambudripad. I have some complicated GI issues, and she has been working with me the last few months. She is very empathetic and eager to help. She is also very dedicated to her work. I was shocked by her continual and immediate responsiveness to my many messages, even on a holiday! While I’m still on the healing journey, I am very confident in her care and would unreservedly recommend her others (in fact, I have recommended her to my family members).”
Matt D.
November 14, 2020
“Dr. Rajsree Nambudripad is truly a great doctor. My health and symptoms have improved so much since I started seeing her. She has extensive knowledge in both internal and integrative medicine and as such has great judgement to discern and get to the root cause of a patient’s health issues effectively. She truly cares about improving her patients’ health and delivers! I came in with digestive issues and through following her recommendations not only have my symptoms improved but my overall health profile, proven by lab work, has improved! Cholesterol, Blood sugar, insulin, hormones & I have lost over 30 lbs, and have kept it off. I feel better than I ever have. I feel very lucky and grateful to have her as my Dr. After seeing my improvements my family has started seeing her seeking to improve their overall health as well. I can confidently say they are in great hands! I highly recommend anyone wanting to improve their overall health from a preventive approach to visit Dr. Rajsree, you will be thankful you did!”
Julie Castaneda
November 12, 2020
“Dr. Rajsree has been magnificent at pinpointing exactly what has been happening with my health. I appreciate her ability to problem solve and get to the root of the problem. For years all I heard was that there was nothing wrong and dismissed time and again by other doctors. Dr. Rajsree takes her time to listen and validates all of my health concerns. Thank you Dr. Rajsree!”
Rosaelia Montes de Oca
November 12, 2020
“I have been a patient of Dr. R. Nambudripad since 9/2019 and plan to continue seeing her indefinitely. I had been treating for Hashimoto’s at UCLA and decided to change because I was told I was stressed and depressed and should see a therapist. I felt chronically fatigued, my whole body was in pain and I just knew something was not right. I simply refused to accept that I was depressed so I made an appointment with Dr. N. During my first visit she was very thorough with each and every symptom both physically and mentally. She ordered blood work and I was amazed to find my results. I learned I was: deficient in vitamins, had insulin resistance, fatty liver, pre-diabetic. I started supplements along with diet and exercise. She also started working on treating my SIBO and hormone balance. All my lab work is now within range plus I have lowered my thyroid antibodies! I look and feel so much better without pain, feel more energy, better mood and I lost weight. Dr. N is a true blessing!”
Maria B.
June 24, 2020
“I found Dr Rajsree after my endless search for a knowledgeable functional medicine doctor who won’t immediately prescribe antibiotics and anti-acid medications after spending 4min with the patient. At my first visit, I found Dr Rajsree very attentive and thorough and she actually sat down with me and spent time to figure out my long lived GI issues that I had been dealing with for the past several years without any relief, despite of many useless doctor’s visits. Not only, she was able to finally nail down and treat my stubborn SIBO, she was able to help both my son and my father, both of whom couldn’t find relieve with their PCP. I highly recommend to take a look at Dr Rajsree’s videos to learn more about her philosophy and her treatment approach; especially if you are suffering from GI related chronic conditions and not getting help from your doctors. As an extra bonus, she is very pretty too! :)”
Nakisa N.
June 21, 2020
“Dr Nambudripad is a comprehensive physician. She listens to her patients, is looking at auto-immune diseases at a multi-organ level and works to improve patient’s quality of life. I appreciate her knowledge and expertise. Thank you for working to find the root cause of my issues!“
June 5, 2020
“Dr. Rajsree is very thorough. Communication and care are excellent. She has that balance between medical knowledge and holistic care that I value and appreciate from a doctor – the science of medicine and the importance of good mutrition and natural supplements for good gut health. Wish there were more like her!“
Wendy B.
May 30, 2020
“Dr. Rajsree is the most compassionate doctor I’ve had in a long time. She listens to her patients and provides good care. I’m so happy I’ve found a great doctor! I recommend her to anyone seeking for a doctor in internal medicine and combined with functional medicine.“
Linda Rivas
March 18, 2020
“Prescription drugs exist for a reason. But there is something super refreshing about a Doctor that recognizes the benefits of treating your body as a whole. Who prescribes a diet, exercise and vitamin supplements before leaning on prescription drugs as a quick fix for a symptom. I respect that she encourages me to read up with awesome books. I cannot imagine any other general practitioner who would have taken the time to get me a diagnosis. And the side effects from the drugs any other doctor would have put me on would made my life quality so poor.“
Kelly Craig
January 12, 2020
“Dr. Rajsree is a wonderful, genuine, kind, courteous and polite doctor. She is very intelligent and thorough in examining the patients. Never felt rushed as she does not run an assembly line practice. She cares about the patients well being and ensures through routine follow-ups. She recommended me supplements that resolved my decade old GI issue. My family trusts her abilities and visits her for advise when in need. She is great with my children. Dr. Rajsree advices on health issues and on how to prevent them. I trust her knowledge and research to help resolve the health issues.“
October 18, 2019
“Dr. Rajsree is a great doctor! I sought out her practice while I was in California for work, and for the short time I was there she helped me get my health back on track. I am a huge believer that “food is medicine” and our lifestyle habits can help us improve our overall health, so it is refreshing finding a doctor who shared my vision towards optimal health.“
Cami Silva
Nov 30, 2019
“Dr. Rajsree is AWESOME. She cares about her patients, and I love how she blends western and functional medicine together. She also incorporates eastern (herbs) medicine where appropriate. I’ve been working with her for the past few months, and she looks at my health holistically. I also love that I can get supplements directly from her, and they work as the lab results show!! Her office is very clean but not “sterile” feeling. Her MA, Stephany, is also very good and nice. I actually look forward to the office visits which is a complete change from my past providers!”
Bella S
December 2, 2019
“Great doctor always responds when contacted. Very compassionate and careing. Knows many things for healing without pushing antibiotics when not necessary she works on healing the whole person. Blessed to have found her after many who didn’t care about the patient. She helped me when coming off medication that made me very nauseous with holistic medicine drops. Got me off antinauseous medication prescribed by hospital.”
Rosa Gilber-Cohen
November 28, 2019
“Dr. Rajsree is a great doctor! I sought out her practice while I was in California for work, and for the short time I was there she helped me get my health back on track. I am a huge believer that “food is medicine” and our lifestyle habits can help us improve our overall health, so it is refreshing finding a doctor who shared my vision towards optimal health.”
Cami Silva
November 1, 2019
“Dr. Rajsree’s holistic outlook on health and well being is something that I’ve been looking for in a primary care physician for years! She always is extremely sweet and creates a very welcoming environment at her office, I would recommend her to anybody!”
Gabrielle Cassell
November 15, 2019
“Dr. Nambudipad’s approach to medicine is refreshing. After my previous physician retired, I was in search of a new doctor. My wife and I were hearing about functional medicine approach to health care. I began searching the internet and asking friends what they were doing for medical care. We came across Dr. Nambudipad and decided to book an appointment. It was total respect and appreciation for Dr. Nambudipad from our first appointment. My wife and I filled out a brief health questionnaire and went to a local lab to give samples. Dr. Nambudipad took the time to ask about our current health, future concerns, review our lab work and set us on a course for wellness. We believe Dr. Nambudipad is on the cutting edge of medicine, incorporating internal medicine with integrative/holistic medicine. She is always willing to explain her opinion and intended result. We look forward to being under her care for years to come.
Bill S
November 25, 2019
“Dr. Rajsree has been a tremendous help to me in identifying an underlying health issue I have had for more than a decade. ( I was diagnosed with IBS, and it turns out I had SIBO). With Dr. Rajsree’s guidance, we have been able to eradicate the SIBO I was diagnosed with. I am currently feeling healthier than I have felt in a long time! Thank you Dr. Rajsree!.”
Tracey Cole
October 15, 2019
“I have been a patient of Dr. Rajsree for the past year and I can’t say enough good things about her. She listens to you like a friend, and is so knowledgeable about so many different aspects of the body and how everything works together. She is an exceptional doctor, and you should not hesitate about making an appointment.”
Amber Fox
August 31, 2019
“Dr. Rajsree Nambudripad has such profound understanding of human body, health, and harmony of life that ties our own good health. Because of Dr. Rajsree’s vigorous training in medical profession and practices over time, her knowledge and passion for knowing our cell to cell communications, immunity, response of cell signals – and how all that impacts our good health, makes her more brilliant physician. Medicine is such a powerful field that Dr. Rajsree uses in a crafting way of curing you by understanding your health at your first visit. There are only a few providers such as Dr. Rajsree, who can give you such caring time, to understand you and also gives you confident of patient-doctor confidentiality; and comfort you of having treatment that will boost your mind and cure your body with good health at no time. I am extremely fortunate of having Dr. Rajsree as my primary care provider to take care of my health. She diagnoses hidden problems of your body by running lab tests those are usually not available in other doctors’ offices. Therefore, if you are looking for your better health, Dr. Rajsree is the best solution. My gratitude for her best care not only for me but also for her patients. Dr. Rajsree is the number one doctor on my list.”
Priya Pritam
September 20, 2019
“Dr. Rajsree has provided the best wellness care for for a number of years for my wife and me. Dr. Rajsree keeps abreast of new medical technologies and techniques for applications in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend the good doctor if you seek the best healthcare available.”
Max Snapp.
September 1, 2019
“Dr. Rajsree is a wonderful, genuine, kind, courteous and polite doctor. She is very intelligent and thorough in examining the patients. Never felt rushed as she does not run an assembly line practice. She cares about the patients well being and ensures through routine follow-ups. She recommended me supplements that resolved my decade old GI issue. My family trusts her abilities and visits her for advise when in need. She is great with my children. Dr. Rajsree advices on health issues and on how to prevent them. I trust her knowledge and research to help resolve the health issues.”
Mehool S.
September 5, 2019
“Very friendly staff and very informative! Dr. Rajsree is always open to answering any questions I have and helps choose what’s best for me based on my lifestyle.”
Emily Moreno
August 1, 2019
“Dr. Rajsree has helped me so much in understanding the specific needs of my body and improving my overall health, I wish I had found her sooner! I have been working with her specifically in treating my PCOS/hormone health and am so pleased with the progress I’ve made thus far. Because of her integrative approach, you really gain so much more by treating the root cause rather than just symptoms. She is extremely knowledgable, thoughtful, and always takes the extra step to find resources to share with her patients, whether it be research articles, books, or creating her own handouts and recipes!“
Kayli Nishime
July 1, 2019
“I have been a patient of Dr. Rajsree’s for a few years now. She’s easy to talk to, and clear in her recommendations. I truly appreciate the time she spends in our appointments listening and evaluating, taking the whole person into consideration. She is patient and gracious. Email/call responses are prompt. And the staff have always been great.“
July 1, 2019
“My family and I are truly grateful for Drs. Nambudripad and their great practice.”
Frank Sandoval
in Buna Park, CA, September 9, 2019
“I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes about 2 1/2 years ago and my first Endocrinologist was extremely quick with going to my appointments and would only prescribe more medication. However, after meeting Dr. Rajsree…it was an amazing experience. For the first time ever in 54 years…I set in her office and we went over every health issue I’ve ever had. She helped me understand Type 2 Diabetes and shared diets and nutrition. She is very knowledgeable and with diet, exercise, medications and natural herbs. Dr. Rajsree helped me tremendously.”
Kymberlyn Hooper
July 20, 2019
“Care when I needed it. I am seeing Dr.Rajsree Nambudripad for the last 6 months to lower my Glucose and cholesterol points. I was welcomed by friendly staff and the staff was really helpful. The wait is usually less than 15 minutes. Dr.Rajsree was very nice and extremely helpful in listening to my problems and always provides suggestions and lifestyle changes which are extremely easy and adoptable right away. I highly recommend Dr. Rajsree for any issues you may have.!”
Raj Gopalakrishnan
in Mission Viejo, CA, July 9, 2017
“Overall I’ve been very pleased. She is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She is the first doctor I’ve had who follows up with me. I went in for a sinus condition and she called me a few days later just to see how I was doing”
CA, Aug 27, 2017
“I am extremely grateful to have found Dr. Rajsree! I came to her after my previous doctor couldn’t explain my sudden weight gain, acne, and major fatigue. After two visits with Dr. Rajsree, I found out that I have PCOS. She gave me all of the information and tools that I need to heal my PCOS naturally and balance my hormones. She is so knowledgeable, informative, and kind. She genuinely cares about me and answers any questions I have. I have improved greatly and I can’t thank her enough!”
in Los Angeles, CA, March 29, 2017
“Both Dr. Nambudripad and her husband are hands down the best doctors I have had. They are genuinely compassionate about getting to the root cause of your health problems. I recommend their practice to many people that I know. They have helped my health and well-being tremendously!”
in Rancho Cucamonga, September 25, 2016
“Dr. Rajsree is simply the best! Her practice is holistic which takes care of the mind body and spirit, the whole system that runs together. I’ve never experienced a doctor that is so caring! She took the time to really listen to my concerns; she made recommendations for supplements and life style changes. She made sure to answer all my questions and was patient in explaining how everything interacts. A few weeks later, she called me to check on how I was feeling; what a pleasant surprise!”
Melissa C.
in Carson, CA, June 16, 2016
“Dr. Rajsree is is a great doctor. She is working closely with me to help resolve years of ongoing health issues where conventional medicine has failed me. I really appreciate her and the friendly staff. I highly recommend oc Integrative medicine.“
Amber Campos
Jun 29, 2019
“Dr. Rajsree is committed to giving her patients the absolute best care. I have learned so much about my health, what’s going on, what my body needs to be balanced, etc. Dr. Rajsree takes the time to communicate promptly when I have any questions. I am so glad I found her!“
Denise Rose
October 28, 2018
“I have been with Dr. Rajsree for a little over one year. I was seeking an alternative hormone replacement therapy treatment related to menopausal symptoms and my help with my overall mental and physical well-being. I followed Dr. Rajsree’s medical direction by integrating bio-identical hormone therapy, vitamin supplements, and healthy eating into my daily life. I can honestly say I have an overall sense of improvement in my well-being and balance in my health. I highly recommend Dr. Rajsree to every one if you want to improve your mental and physical health.”
Vicki Morales
October 14, 2018
“Dr. Rajsree is kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable about a wide variety of health issues. What I like about her is that she is an M.D. and will prescribe medicine if needed, but with her expertise in functional and natural medicine, she will first try to find you a safer, more natural alternative on your path to healing. She also takes time to listen to you, instead of shuffling patients in and out of her office. I highly recommend her!”
Traci Turanski
October 4, 2018
“Dr. Nambudripad is amazing. Very thorough and really knows her stuff. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a primary doctor who wants to get on top of their health.”
Dean Gaynor
Anaheim, CA, August 6, 2018
“Dr. Rajsree Nambudripad is an intelligent, talented, caring, and open minded doctor. She does take time to get to know you and to listen. She has an emphasis on preventive care and for existing health issues, she will opt for natural solutions that work rather than resorting first to prescriptions. She’s a breath of fresh air and is someone I trust. Her assistant Jennifer is also talented, friendly, and organized. Appointments are easy to schedule.”
Huntington Beach, CA, April 11, 2018
“Dr. Rajsree has been very helpful to our family. She uses detail testing and functional integrative approach to treatment. As a patient, this gives me best of both world. She is knowledgeable about nutrition and explores natural ways to healing rather than just prescribing medications. She spends time listening and explaining everything. I also took my husband and son for her consultations. We are so happy to find her.”
Orange County, April 11, 2018
“I have been a patient with Dr Rajsree for almost 8 months now and I feel so much better. Based on some well recommended tests Dr Rajsree helped me feel more energetic, sleep better and balance my hormones through life style changes and good supplements. The visit cost is very reasonable as well. I will definitely continue seeing Dr Rajsree.”
Daniela Saffari
in Glendale, CA, September 21, 2017
“A friend recommended Dr. Nambudripad because I had not been doing well with the HRT that my prior doctor was prescribing. She listened carefully and right after my blood tests results came back she had a plan for me. I was having a lot of problems sleeping , hardly had any energy, and overall was not feeling well at all. In just four days I started sleeping better and 10 days later my energy was almost to what it was before, my overall body pain went away! I am so happy!”
Veronica H.
in Fullerton, CA, Apr 19, 2017
“I LOVE Dr. Nambudripad! She always takes the time to listen to my health concerns. I am a breast cancer survivor and she is one of the only doctors I trust with my health.”
in Tustin, CA, March 26, 2016
“Dr. Rajsree is one of the finest physicians I have ever had care for me. She not only has a charming, welcoming manner, but her extensive knowledge of health and well being is a big plus in being a patient of hers. She has you do your homework in pre office visit paperwork, but I was very pleased to see that she referred to my health questionnaire often on my first visit with her. She did her homework too. She offered many reasonable solutions to my quest for good health. Excellent & caring.”
P. Stanley
in Los Angeles, CA, July 2, 2016
“As a nurse and a patient I find Dr. Rajsree very knowledgeable and caring. She listens to her patient ‘s concerns and teaches with clear and simple language. She takes her time to get to know a person so she can give the best care needed and as is easy to contact for any needed information. I highly recommend Dr. Rajsree.”
Linda C.
in SLC, UT, June 8, 2016
“Dr. Rajsree truly cares about you. I have never been treated so well at any doctors office. Besides being up to date with anti-aging, hormones, and food allergies, she’s an amazing doctor. My whole family sees her now. And her office staff is so professional.”
Maureen S.
in San Juan Capistrano, CA, April 2, 2016
“Dr. Rajsree was amazing. She was extremely thorough in her examination process and took her time to listen to my health concerns and address my symptoms. She made herself available through phone contact or via email if I needed to speak with her at anytime regarding questions I may have. She is kind, caring and truly seeks to help find the solutions to ailments one is experiencing. She has been a wonderful doctor for me.”
Eva H.
in Wilmette, IL, June 7, 2016
“Dr. Rajsree is very knowledgeable, caring, and thorough. I always learn something from her on each visit. She makes you feel very comfortable and listens to your concerns. I highly recommend her.”
Paula A.
in Lake Forest, CA, May 5, 2016
“I cannot adequately express my appreciation of Dr. Rajsree. Her expertise in medicine and her care for her patients has been exceptional. Over the years, I have had various health ailments. Nothing was ever life-threatening or even that worrisome, but more like little nagging things here and there. However, the last few years things began to change and those little nagging things began to make themselves known. I visited a wide variety of doctors both here and overseas and nothing much came of it. When a friend told me about Dr. Roy and NAET I was skeptical, but I was desperate. From the very first visit, I thoroughly appreciated Dr. Rajsree. I felt confident that she knew what she was talking about and wasn’t just going to treat the symptoms but get to the bottom of what was wrong with me. Dr. Rajsree went over the various possible reasons for my issues and the options. She explained everything so that I could also understand what was going on with my body. After following her instructions, taking the bio-identical hormone treatments, and a few treatments with Dr. Roy for underlying allergy problems I have never felt better. I have since recommended that my parents also visit the clinic. My mother, who suffered from severe hay fever from March through May every year, decided to do the NAET treatments. She did multiple treatments in the month of February this year and when March came around she didn’t have any problems! It was astounding. My father just recently had an issue with his knees. When he went to his normal healthcare provider, they had him running around from urgent care to clinics doing various lab tests and in the end the doctor’s prescription was to give him medicine for stomach ulcers (he had a weird bump on his knee…I do not have a medical degree but quickly concluded this guy has no clue what he’s doing). I told my dad to go to Dr. Rajsree. With just one visit, she was able to give him a diagnosis and instructions on what to do. A few days later, the bump was gone and his leg back to normal. In the end, what can I say other than, both Dr. Rajsree and Dr. Roy know what they are doing. If you are in search of knowledgeable caring doctors, there is no one else I would more highly recommend.”
Maria C.
in Moreno Valley, CA