Hormone Balancing for Peri-Menopausal and Menopausal Woman

Insomnia?  Hot flashes? Weight gain?  Dry skin? Depression/ Anxiety?  Low libido?   Peri-menopause (years leading up to menopause) and menopause can lead to many of these symptoms due to drop in hormone levels.  But this does not have to be the case!  Dr. Rajsree will first review your symptoms in detail and check your hormone levels. […]

Vitamin Injections

We offer B 12 (methylcobalamin) shots which can help tremendously with energy, mood, and sugar/carb cravings! They have become extremely popular in our office and are now called the “happy shot.” For many patients, absorption of B vitamins is not great through the gut, so the shots make a HUGE difference! If you are feeling […]

Mood and Brain Health

Get to the root cause of your mood symptoms! Amazingly, mood and brain symptoms (anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, autism, memory loss) are often signs of imbalanced neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) related to nutritional, hormonal, or gut imbalances; or overload of toxins. After we identify the imbalances, we can easily correct with customized supplementation and lifestyle changes. […]

Anti-Aging Lifestyle Plan

https://youtu.be/v5xBE1zvwUY Are you noticing more fatigue, dull skin, memory lapses, and achy joints as you are getting older? Do you have a family history of health problems that concern you? Regardless of your genetic makeup, Dr. Rajsree focuses on EPIGENETICS (how your genes are expressed based on environmental influences). Through targeted lifestyle changes and boosts […]

Methylation (MTHFR) and Detoxification Programs

Dr. Rajsree Nambudripad specializes in key genetic testing such as MTHFR. This is a common genetic mutation indicating you may need extra help with methylation/ detoxification and need specific formulations of B vitamins to optimize methylation. MTHFR gene has been associated with many conditions including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, and other mood disorders. Dr. Rajsree […]

Functional Gastroenterology

Rajsree Nambudripad, MD has the unique privilege of a background in both conventional gastroenterology and functional gastroenterology.  She understands that a healthy gut is at the core of a healthy body, and even mind.  Her expertise is in treating common symptoms like IBS, heartburn, constipation, loose stools, gas/bloating, and abdominal pain by correcting the root […]

Diagnosis and Treatment of Adrenal Fatigue

The adrenal glands are the small glands on top of your kidneys that help you handle stress. They produce cortisol when you are stressed. Unfortunately, many people are chronically stressed, causing chronic elevation in cortisol. This leads to weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, lowered immune system, high blood pressure and cholesterol. In contrast, DHEA is […]

Thyroid Health and Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease

https://youtu.be/Fhgh42-mZkw Dr. Rajsree’s specializes in management of hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, thyroid nodules, goiters, and more subtle “sluggish” thyroid cases. The thyroid is one of the most important endocrine glands in your body. Having your thyroid optimized can have tremendous impact on your weight, mood, energy, metabolism, bowel habits, cholesterol, fertility, and mental sharpness. After […]