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Get to the root cause of your mood symptoms! Amazingly, mood and brain symptoms (anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, autism, memory loss) are often signs of imbalanced neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) related to nutritional, hormonal, or gut imbalances; or overload of toxins. After we identify the imbalances, we can easily correct with customized supplementation and lifestyle changes. Often changing your diet, nutrient levels, sleep patterns, the substances you use, getting toxins out of your system, balancing your hormones, correcting imbalances in your digestive tract, boosting your cell’s ability to produce energy, and fixing food sensitivities and allergies can all radically transform your mood and brain health. Dr. Rajsree evaluates the gut-brain axis, since the gut bacteria is now often referred to as the “second brain.” This approach gets to the root cause of symptoms and allows us to avoid prescription mood-altering medications, which often carry unwanted side effects and simply mask symptoms.

Dr. Rajsree has successfully weaned patients off their anti-depressants by optimizing their B vitamins through weekly injections along with addressing imbalances in the whole body.

Mood and Brain Health: Overcoming Depression and Anxiety