1440 N. Harbor Blvd., Suite 105
Fullerton, CA 92835

Dr. Rajsree Nambudripad combines her strong background in conventional internal medicine, gastroenterology, and endocrinology with a broader and holistic outlook.  Her aim is to fully understand and get to know you as a unique and whole individual using an integrative/ functional medicine approach.  After carefully reviewing your diet, bowel habits, sleep patterns, exercise, stressors, and exposures, she will suggest tests to figure out the ROOT cause of your symptoms.  She utilizes both conventional lab testing as well as more advanced functional medicine testing such as genetic tests, comprehensive stool testing, allergy testing, and more to best understand your situation.  She focuses on preventative care by explaining ways to improve your diet and exercise routine, tailored specifically to your symptoms and diagnoses.  She believes in using “food as medicine.”  After reviewing your labwork, she also works on ways to reduce inflammation in your body as well as optimize your vitamin and hormone levels.  She will look for and address digestive imbalances that may be affecting your whole body.  Dr. Rajsree looks for natural options to help you first before judiciously prescribing medications when needed.  The goal is to KEEP you healthy and strong so you can enjoy an active and fulfilling life and feel vibrant, young and energetic!

Our patients are proactive and involved in their health.  Over the years in practice, Dr. Rajsree has seen tremendous changes in patient’s appearance, symptoms, and lab values over the course of a few months to a years time.  Reversing disease and getting patients OFF medications when possible has been incredibly fulfilling!  She believes in giving her patients the knowledge and tools to transform their own health.