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Metformin, Ozempic, or Berberine for Weight Loss?

Shift Your Hormones to Lose Weight! Watch Now 👋 Hello Friends! When it comes to weight loss, is there a magic pill 💊 or injection 💉 that can help us shed pounds? There has been a lot of interest lately in common weight loss injectable drugs like Ozempic, Mounjaro, and Wegovi. While these prescriptions can benefit some individuals with diabetes and obesity, are […]

Happy Heart Month!

Cholesterol and Heart Disease: Dr. Rajsree’s Comprehensive Guide Watch Now Hypertension: Dr. Rajsree’s Natural Protocol for Lowering Blood Pressure Watch Now 👋 Hello Friends!  Happy Valentine’s Day! 💖 In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and Heart Awareness Month, let’s acknowledge one of the most powerful healing forces on earth, and that is LOVE!  Healing Power of Love:Did […]


Dr. Rajsree’s Guide to Detoxification: Natural Ways to Eliminate Toxins from Your Body Watch Now 👋 Hello Friends!  I’m thrilled to share my latest video, all about DETOXIFICATION, a topic that applies to everyone! We’re living in one of the most toxic times in human history! No matter where we live, we may be constantly exposed to toxins in […]

Are you Metabolically Flexible?

Watch YouTube Short Shop Now Shop Now Shop Now Watch Now 👋 Hello Friends! When we think of flexibility, images of yoga poses 🧘‍♂️ and gymnastic feats often come to mind. However, there’s another type of flexibility crucial for our health and well-being: Metabolic Flexibility. This isn’t about how well you can stretch, but how adeptly your […]

Secrets to Healthy Aging!

Watch YouTube Short Shop Now Watch YouTube Short Shop Now Watch Now 👋 Hello Friends! Ever looked in the mirror and wondered, “How can I keep my skin looking young and vibrant?” You’re not alone! Many of us aspire to age gracefully as the years pass by. The good news is that today I’ve got some […]

The Power of Herbal Antimicrobials!

Watch YouTube Short Watch Now Shop For The SIBO Protocol Watch Now Shop For The Candida Protocol Shop Now Shop Now Shop Now Hi Friends, 👋 They sometimes say that pregnant women are eating for two. 🤰 In reality, all of us are eating for trillions! The food we eat nourishes not just our body but […]

New Video on H. PYLORI!

Dr. Rajsree’s Guide to H. Pylori and her Natural Herbal Protocol, Alternatives to Antibiotics! Watch Now Shop Now Hi Friends,   I’m thrilled to share with you my latest video, all about H. PYLORI, the bacteria that causes gastritis, ulcers, and stomach cancer. Did you know that over half the world’s 🌍 population is infected with H. pylori? […]

Happy New Year from the Nambudripad Family!

Dear Friends, Happy New Year from the Nambudripad Family! As we step into 2024, I’m excited to embark with you on this journey as we strive for optimal health and wellness. What are your health aspirations for 2024? Let me share seven simple yet powerful habits to enhance your wellness journey:  1️⃣ Stay Active Daily: Movement is magic! Try […]

Bouncing Back from the Holidays

Shop Now Shop Now Shop Now Shop Now Hi Friends,  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 🎄✨ The holidays, although a magical time of the year, can sometimes get us off track with our diet and healthy habits. 🍪🥂 Maybe you ate foods with a lot more sugar than you normally eat, and you’re definitely […]

Dr. Rajsree’s 7 Tips for Healthy Holidays

Hi Friends, It’s that magical time of year again! ✨ 2023 flew by incredibly fast!  Now that we are just days away from Christmas🎄, I want to provide some tips on staying healthy while enjoying the holidays. Holidays can be challenging since temptations are abundant! It seems SUGAR is front and center in everything! Cookies 🍪, cakes🍰 , pies 🥧, chocolate🍫, cocktails, […]