Powerful Role of BUTYRATE in your Health! 

Hi Friends,   Having a robust and diverse variety of healthy bacteria in our gut microbiome is so important for our overall health.  This is because our microbiome is responsible for creating something vitally important called POSTBIOTICS.   The bacteria in our gut microbiome “digest” and “ferment” the fiber (PREBIOTICS) present in our food, and turn them into POSTBIOTICS. […]

Count Your Steps‍, Not Your Calories!

Hi Friends, A calorie is a calorie is a calorie, right? WRONG! Not all calories are created equal. If you’re counting calories, but can’t seem to lose weight, that’s because you’re choosing the wrong foods. The concept that all calories are equal, and that you can simply count calories to lose weight is completely outdated. […]

10 Reasons to Take Oregano Oil! 

Hi Friends,   The Mediterranean diet has always been considered one of the healthiest diets.  Oregano🌿, is one of the herbs used in the Mediterranean region, notably in Italian cooking, where it is commonly used in pizza🍕, pasta sauces🍝, salads🥗, marinades, and soups🍲. Oregano is a potent herb with anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.  It works […]

New Study Reveals the Dangers of ERYTHRITOL

Staying away from refined sugar and lowering your carb intake, is generally a good thing.  However, many leaders in the Keto and Low-Carb space have promoted the use of Erythritol, a sugar substitute that allows you to enjoy keto ice-cream🍨, brownies, and drinks with zero impact on blood sugar or insulin. Proponents of Erythritol have claimed it’s a […]

Broccoli Soup And Blueberry Muffins

Hi Friends,   Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy!  Nothing beats home-cooked food made from scratch with clean ingredients.  One day after work last week, I came home, opened the freezer, and saw a bag of frozen broccoli🥦.  Usually I prefer fresh broccoli, but then I realized frozen broccoli would be great […]

LONGEVITY: Look Younger and Live Longer!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHdzEfy4Nkk Hi Friends,   What can we do to look younger and live longer?  Wouldn’t it be great if we could live to 100 or beyond and remain healthy to enjoy those years? My latest video is on the fascinating topic of LONGEVITY.  I review the latest science of aging and what we can do to […]

The Super Antioxidant for Your Mitochondria! 

Hi Friends,   Within each cell of our body are thousands of energy powerhouses called mitochondria.  These powerhouses make ATP, which is the energy currency of our cells.  They are constantly at work generating ATP to keep our cells functioning! One of the most powerful antioxidants for the mitochondria of our cells is CoQ 10.  It helps our […]

Are You Making Enough Stomach Acid? 

Hi Friends, Let’s talk about stomach acid! Contrary to popular belief, stomach acid is often NOT the cause of heartburn and indigestion. Rather, many people suffer from LOW stomach acid, a condition called achlorhydria. As a result, they cannot digest foods properly, which often leads to NON-ACID reflux, or a feeling of “phlegm” in their […]

The Power of BERBERINE on Metabolism and Gut Health

Hi Friends,   Have you heard of Berberine?  It’s a plant with bright red berries and the root is bright yellow.  Berberine Pro is made from the root of the berberine plant, hence the capsules are bright yellow in color. Berberine is a powerful supplement when it comes to metabolism, the gut microbiome, and inflammation. For metabolic […]

Citrus-Roasted Salmon Dinner

Hi Friends,   How are you doing with your health goals this year?  Have you started eating better?   We’ve had a lot of rain☔ for a change here in Southern California.  With all the extra time indoors this past weekend, I had fun cooking this healthy meal with the help of my family.  My son was […]