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Happy Wednesday Friends!

B vitamins are the “STRESS” vitamin!  Methyl B Complex is the #1 best seller in my practice for the following reasons:

1) Improves Energy Levels! 

2) Improves Mood. The B vitamins are cofactors in producing Serotonin and Dopamine, the “happy” brain neurotransmitters.

3) Reduces Anxiety 

4) Improves Focus 

3) Reduces sugar & carb cravings, so you won’t be dreaming of.

This is HUGE because it helps keep you on track with a healthy diet!

4) Promotes a detox pathway in the body, called METHYLATION.  This process reduces the level of an inflammatory amino acid called homocysteine (cardiac inflammatory marker). I often follow homocysteine levels on my patients’ bloodwork to monitor their progress (lower the better, with an ideal level being 6).

Methyl B Complex has all the B vitamins in the methylated form, which is the preferred form given the high incidence of MTHFR gene mutation in the population.  50% of the population has one or more copies of the MTHFR gene mutation.  

To learn more about Methylation and the MTHFR Gene, please watch my video on YouTube:


Most people benefit from taking 1 capsule daily (ideally after breakfast or lunch).

B vitamins are water-soluble, meaning the extra will be excreted in your urine.  You may notice your urine turning bright yellow, which is normal when taking this supplement.  

To try our Methyl B Complex, you can order a 2 month supply here:  

 Or a 4 month supply here: 

I’ve been taking Methyl B Complex daily for years!  It definitely boosts my energy, mood, and concentration!  I only wish I knew about it back in med school and residency!  Hope you see great benefits as well!

Warm regards,  

Rajsree Nambudripad, MD