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What is the root cause of diabetes? When the cells in your body such as muscles, fat, and liver start ignoring insulin, the pancreas has to make more and more insulin. This is called “Insulin Resistance.” Eventually insulin levels can’t keep up and blood sugars run high. Higher insulin levels is inflammatory to the body and can actually trigger more hunger and weight gain.

Dr. Rajsree’s goal is to reverse your insulin resistance by changing your diet, incorporating regular exercise, and providing key nutrients to help insulin recognition in your body. She has had great success in empowering patients to change their lifestyle and bring their HgbA1c levels back into the normal range, often also getting them off diabetes medications. Certain key nutrients like B vitamins, vitamin D, chromium, alpha lipoic acid along with natural supplements such as berberine and high dose cinnamon can have profound impact on inflammation and metabolic parameters in sugar regulation. By modifying the diet and increasing fiber intake, patients are able to break the cycle of high insulin spikes and hunger, leading to stable blood sugars, less inflammation and weight loss.

If necessary, Dr. Rajsree will also prescribe medications to manage your diabetes while you are transitioning to the healthy lifestyle.

In the last few years, Dr. Rajsree has had several incredibly motivated and dedicated patients who followed her protocol exactly and found their A1c go down from 13 to under 6 within 6 months with no prescription medications. They also lost 30 lbs each during that time and felt and looked like a different person.

Reversing diabetes and insulin-resistance is very important to protecting your organs (your heart, kidneys, brain, nerves) from the inflammatory effects of high blood sugars.

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