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Osteoperosis and osteopenia are extremely common in women as they age. This is a multi-factorial metabolic disorder of the bone. Is there inflammation in your body that is causing accelerated bone loss?

Dr. Rajsree offers a holistic protocol that evaluates and treats your nutritional status including key minerals and vitamins necessary for healthy bones. Is your diet optimized for bone health? Are you supplementing with the right amounts of calcium, vitamin D3, K2, strontium, and boron for healthy bones?

She addresses your hormonal health since menopause (drop in estrogen) and thyroid imbalances are often associated with accelerated bone loss.

Gut health is also evaluated as microbiome disruption or inflammation in your gut can alter your nutrient absorption and lead to bone loss.

She will counsel you on avoiding “bone saboteurs” which are present in our diet and environment that may be taking a toll on your bone density.

Finally she emphases dynamic weight bearing exercises to promote and improve bone density.