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Dear Friends,

How many of you are familiar with PCOS?  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is the #1 hormonal disorder of reproductive-aged women around the world, affecting 10-15% of women!  This video is dedicated to the millions of women around the world who suffer from PCOS.  If you know someone with PCOS, please share this video.

Key features are irregular periodshigh testosterone (causing acne and facial hair), and struggle with weight (insulin-resistance often leading to diabetes).

In this video, I explain the root causes of PCOS, from genetics, to the diet, to the environment.  I explain why the ovaries are producing more testosterone, and what can be done through diet and lifestyle to help improve hormone balance.  Learn the role of insulin-resistance and inflammation in PCOS.  Find out how environmental toxins like BPA can impact PCOS and subsequent generations.  Learn how we can regulate cycles with bio-identical progesterone as opposed to synthetic birth control pills.  What is estrogen dominance and how can we treat it?  Learn how the gut microbiome plays a role in PCOS.  Finally, hear an inspiring case of one my patients, who had PCOS and infertility.  She followed my protocol and lost weight, balanced her hormones, and got pregnant!  

Thank you all for supporting my YouTube channel and sharing empowering health knowledge with your friends and family.

Warm regards,  

Rajsree Nambudripad, MD