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Many young women suffer from painful menses, PMS, irregular cycles, weight gain, and acne.  Dr. Rajsree’s aim is to identify the hormone imbalance causing these symptoms.  Sometimes she uncovers root causes like estrogen-dominance (seen in endometriosis and fibroids), Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), low thyroid, or low progesterone levels from lack of ovulation.  Her goal is to help you balance your hormones naturally when possible through diet, lifestyle, and targeted supplements.  The entire body is connected, so sometimes healing the gut can have tremendous impact on hormone health!  She also prescribes bio-identical progesterone to help regulate cycles, which is often a better option for women compared to birth control pills, which often carry side effects.  Dr. Rajsree will advise you on your diet, vitamins, and exercise which can have significant impact on hormonal health and symptoms.