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Cells in our body are constantly dividing. Our immune system controls and regulates cell division throughout our body. Cancer occurs when our immune system fails to “catch” a bad cell that is dividing out of control. This can be due to a combination of factors such as stress, inflammatory diet, inadequate anti-oxidant support, genetic factors, environmental toxins and exposures.

For patients with a strong family history of cancer or a personal history of cancer, Dr. Rajsree uses a comprehensive program addressing your diet, lifestyle, toxin exposures, and anti-oxidant support. What are the most potent anti-cancer foods you should be eating? Should you be supplementing with key vitamins like vitamin D, C, and glutathione?

How well are you methylating and detoxifying? Do you have a mutation in the MTHFR gene? This is a common genetic mutation indicating you may need extra help with methylation/ detoxification and need specific formulations of B vitamins to optimize methylation.

For patients with breast cancer history or concerns, she may check your estrogen metabolites to see how you are clearing and metabolizing your estrogens. How can we promote estrogen detoxification through foods?

The gut is the core of your immune system, and plays a key role in daily detoxification, so evaluating your digestive tract is also important in cancer prevention.

Quality sleep is also key to strengthening your immune system.

Dr. Rajsree is happy to support you along with your oncologist if you are in the process of cancer-treatments.