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Hi Friends,

What is the secret to weight loss? Over the years, many theories and fads have circulated. I often see patients struggling to move the scale and when I ask them what they are eating, they are eating very little indeed: just a few “diet bars” and shakes. They are hungry all the time and frustrated😩 because they can’t seem to lose weight.

This is because the secret to weight loss has nothing to do with calories in and calories out. That is an old outdated theory since not all calories are equal. 200 calories from broccoli🥦 is totally different from 200 calories from a soda🥤. What makes them different on the body? Fiber, phytonutrients, and ultimately… the impact on the gut microbiome.

It turns out the ecosystem of trillions of bacteria🦠 inside our digestive tract may be holding the secret to our metabolism and weight. ✨

❇️The secret to weight loss is FIBER🌟. Research now suggests that fiber feeds the good bacteria in your microbiome to create metabolites called postbiotics, also known as short chain fatty acids (SCFA). Having robust SCFA is key to activating your metabolism. So to lose weight, you actually need to eat MORE, not less, fiber-rich foods (vegetables). The great news is fiber makes you feel full! If you need supplemental fiber to help improve your postbiotics and SCFA, we now carry Prebiotic Fiber. To improve the diversity of your microbiome, two of the most popular probiotics in my office are Probiotic 100 billion and Probiotic 225 billion.

So if you’re trying to lose weight, ramp up your veggie intake (aim for 1 lb of veggies a day)🥬🥕🥒🫑🍄🥗. This is actually doable if you incorporate veggies at every meal🍴. The end result is you will slim down, feel better, and reduce inflammation in your body🙌.

Warm regards,

Rajsree Nambudripad, MD