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Are you worried about a strong family history of heart disease? Or perhaps your cholesterol is high and you’re not sure what to do?

Dr. Rajsree’s expertise is in evaluating your entire history, lifestyle, risk factors, family history, and laboratory markers to provide a comprehensive assessment of how best to proceed.

Dr. Rajsree checks cardiac inflammatory markers and offers advanced lipid testing through the Quest Diagnostics/ Cleveland Heart lab or Boston Heart diagnostics, allowing measurement of small dense LDL, oxidized LDL, fatty acid profile (omega 3 score), and CoQ 10 level.

For those with a strong family history of heart disease or those with high cholesterol, Dr. Rajsree offers a holistic strategy in managing cholesterol through diet and natural supplements that lower cholesterol and inflammation. She can also help weigh the pros and cons of statin therapy based on your situation.

Dr. Rajsree often utilizes coronary artery calcium scans to determine if there is any plaque build up to warrant considering the use of a statin or aspirin for plaque stabilization. Before prescribing statins, Dr. Rajsree often checks the SLCO1B1 gene to make sure you are not at risk for statin-induced myopathy, and always makes sure to include the “drug mugger” dose CoQ 10 alongside the statin.

In integrative medicine, heart disease in viewed as an inflammatory condition of the vessels in the heart. Dr. Rajsree will provide you guidance on reducing systemic inflammation in your body through diet, exercise, and other lifestyle strategies. Sometimes we even evaluate the gut microbiome, as inflammation in your gut or microbiome disturbances can translate to systemic inflammation.

If your condition is more complicated, she is happy to refer you to an integrative cardiologist for further testing to help manage your condition.

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