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Advanced lipid testing for strategic prevention of coronary artery disease

Dr. Rajsree offers advanced lipid testing through the Boston Heart diagnostics, allowing measurement of small dense LDL, HDL map, fatty acid profile (omega 3 score, trans fat score, saturated fat score, omega 6 score). It also allows measurement of cholesterol production vs. absorption markers allowing for a more targeted strategy to managing cholesterol. For those with a strong family history of heart disease or those with high cholesterol, Dr. Rajsree offers a holistic strategy in managing cholesterol through diet and natural supplements that lower cholesterol and inflammation, often avoiding the use of statins, which carry side effects.  She also utilizes coronary artery calcium scans to determine if there is any plaque build up to warrant considering the use of a statin for plaque stabilization.  Before prescribing statins, Dr. Rajsree checks the SLCO1B1 gene to make sure you are not at risk for statin-induced myopathy, and always makes sure to include the “drug mugger” dose CoQ 10 alongside the statin.boston heart

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“Dr. Rajsree is an exceptional doctor! She takes her time and cares for her patients. She looks for the root cause of your symptoms and gives tangible, healing solutions to your health! She has helped me tremendously in my health journey! I highly recommend Dr. Rajsree and her staff.”
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- Jennifer Kocsis
Jun 30, 2019
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