1440 N. Harbor Blvd., Suite 105
Fullerton, CA 92835


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December 4, 2020

Dear Friends and Patients,

I hope each of you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe. Our office is still quite booked with non-urgent visits for those seeking help with routine medical issues, follow-ups, and preventative care.  My staff and I are equipped with masks we are following proper spacing guidelines. We are taking every precaution to keep you safe in our office.  Please wear a mask to your appointment. We also have cleaning staff that are doing a great job each day. Also we are keeping the number of people in the office at any one time to a minimum. We are NOT seeing patients with any active symptoms of a potential virus such as sore throat, cough, fever, or body aches. If you have any such symptoms please change to a phone visit or seek help at your nearest urgent care facility.

During this isolation, it may be easy to forget the needs of your body and mind. It is very important to make sure your chronic health issues are being addressed. Please call us if you need help with any of these issues at this time. I am still helping patients to strengthen all aspects of their immune system by addressing the key areas as shown in the diagram above. I’m happy to outline a plan more specific to your needs and provide guidance on diet, nutrition, and tips on managing stress and anxiety.

One small tip that I can provide all of you now is to practice breathing exercises to expand your lung capacity. By doing this, you can help yourself overcome most ailments that may affect your lungs. At your appointment, I would be happy to discuss this further and practice this with you. This helps calm your sympathetic nervous system and strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system. This technique has tremendous impact on the mind-body connection and your immune system.

I’m excited to introduce our new staff member, Veronica Zurita, BS, CMA. She is a certified medical assistant with numerous years of experience in primary care and cardiology. She is now available for B vitamin shots as well — very helpful for these stressful times! Feel free to email her at veronicaocintegrativemedicine@gmail.com.  Alexandra (Alex) Villegas  is our front office receptionist and feel free to email her at alexandraOCIM@gmail.com to schedule an appointment or to order supplements to be mailed to your home. You are also welcome to stop by anytime to pick up supplements in our office.

Please help us by confirming your appointments. If you need to reschedule, please give us 48 hours notice so we can help schedule another patient in that appointment slot, and to avoid a late cancellation fee of $50. We are also offering phone visits as an alternative to in-office visits. Phone follow-up appointments are $90 or $150 (depending on when I last saw you) and not billed to insurance. I do need to see all new patients in person for the initial consultation.

With all the quiet that comes with the quarantine, this is the perfect time to focus on your health and pay special attention to your food, nutrition, sleep, vitamins, mental health, and hormones. My staff and I are here to help you. Please reach out to us anytime.

Warm regards,

Rajsree Nambudripad, MD