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Grateful to Receive Award!

Buy Now Buy Now Watch YouTube Short on Liver Support Dear Friends, I would like to wish you all a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!¬†ūüćĀ Hope you get to enjoy some delicious food and quality time with your loved ones! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year!¬† It’s a great time to reflect on […]

Dynamic Duo for a Healthy Gut!

Shop Now Shop Now Dr. Rajsree’s Guide to Healing Your Gut! Watch Now Watch YouTube Short on Probiotic 225 Billion Watch YouTube Short on IgG Guard Watch Now Hi Friends,¬†¬† How would you rate your gut health on a scale of 1 to 10?¬†ūü§Ē¬†A perfect score of 10 means you move your bowels completely¬†every day […]

Liver Support!

Shop Now Watch now Shop Now Shop Now Watch YouTube Short on Liver Support Watch YouTube Short on Glutathione Watch YouTube Short on Metabolic Trifecta Hi Friends,¬†¬† Do you or a loved one suffer from¬†Fatty Liver Disease?¬†Do you have elevated liver enzymes (ALT and AST) due to a poor diet ūüćĒ or exposure to toxins?¬†‚ö†ÔłŹ […]


HYPERTENSION: Dr. Rajsree’s Natural Protocol for Lowering Blood Pressure Watch now Shop Now Shop Now Shop Now Watch YouTube Short on Nitric Oxide Support Watch YouTube Short on Diaphragmatic Breathing Hi Friends,¬†¬† Do you or a loved one suffer from Hypertension?¬† Did you know that half of the adults in the United States suffer¬†from Hypertension?¬† […]

The Estrobolome and Breast Cancer Prevention

Shop Now Shop Now Watch YouTube Short on Breast Cancer Prevention Watch YouTube Short on Supplements for Breast Cancer Prevention Hi Friends,¬†¬† October is Breast Cancer Awareness monthūüíĖ. Have you heard of the ‘estrobolome’ and how it relates to breast cancer? This is the part of the gut microbiome that metabolizes estrogens! Sadly, breast cancer […]

Is Your Gut Microbiome Making Butyrate?

Shop Now Watch YouTube Short on Butyrate Watch YouTube Short on Probiotic 225 Billion Shop Now Hi Friends,¬†¬† Are you familiar with¬†Butyrate, a superstar¬†postbiotic¬†‚≠ź and a superhero¬†ūü¶ł¬†for your colon?¬† The bacteria ūü¶† in our gut microbiome “digest” and “ferment” the fiber present in our food, and turn it¬†into postbiotics. One of the most important postbiotics […]

Fungal and Yeast Infections like Candida

Shop Now Shop Now Watch Now Watch YouTube Short on Candida Hi Friends,¬†¬† We often focus on the bacteria¬†ūü¶†¬†in our gut microbiome, but let’s not forget about yeast and fungi¬†ūüćĄ!¬† Generally yeast and fungal growth in our microbiome is kept in balance by good bacteria.¬† But if something tips this balance like antibiotics¬†ūüíä or¬†a diet […]

New Video on Eczema!

Watch Now Hi Friends, Do you know someone who suffers from¬†Eczema? ¬†This is a frustrating skin condition, also known as¬†Atopic Dermatitis, which¬†creates a vicious¬†itch-scratch cycle¬†leading to dryness and inflammation in the skin. ¬†It affects 20% of children and 5% of adults worldwide! ¬†Conventional treatments for Eczema are limited and primarily involve topical steroids. I’m thrilled […]


Hi Friends, We are now officially in fall¬†ūüćā, and the weather has started cooling down.¬†¬†What can you do to support your immune system through cold and flu season¬†ūüė∑?¬† First and foremost, focus on your dietūü•ó. ¬†Eat plenty of vegetablesūü•¶¬†and fruitūüćstto get PHYTONUTRIENTS. ¬†These are powerful plant compounds like fiber, antioxidants,¬†and minerals that you get from […]


We all know that eating ultraprocessed food can make you overweight, but did you know it can actually make you depressed¬†ūüėě? ¬†A large¬†study from Harvard Medical School was just published in JAMA¬†this month! ¬†This was a large cohort study on over 31,000 women age 42-62. ¬†After following these women for 14 years, they concluded that […]