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Evaluation and treatment of mood imbalances (anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, insomnia, etc) through Neurotransmitter testing and optimization

Get to the root cause of your mood symptoms!  Amazingly, mood symptoms are often signs of imbalanced neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) related to nutritional imbalances.  After we identify the imbalances, we can easily correct with customized supplementation.  This is a great way to naturally improve your mood and even avoid prescription mood-altering medications, which often carry unwanted side effects and mask the underlying cause of your mood symptoms.

Dr. Rajsree has successfully weaned patients off their anti-depressants by optimizing their B vitamins through weekly injections.


How we’ve helped others

“Dr. Nambudripad is one of the finest physicians I have ever had care for me... her extensive knowledge of health and well being is a big plus in a patient of hers....I was very pleased to see that she referred to my health questionnnaire often on my first visit with her. She did her homework too. She offered many reasonable solutions to my quest for good health...”
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- P Stanley in Los Angeles, CA | Jul 02, 2016